Casino Games - Blackjack Blackjack is also referred to as twenty-one. This game involves comparing cards, where players compete against the dealer rather than against each other. The game can be played with 52 to 416 cards depending on the number of decks used. The increased number of cards is increasingly used to combat card counting (a technique that has been used by individuals and groups of blackjack players in the past to nudge the probability of winning in their favor).

Each player is given two cards either face down or face up depending on the casino. The aim of the game is to reach a score of 21 with the initial two cards or achieve final scores higher than the dealer’s but  exceeded 21. Players can also win by letting the dealer draw cards til their hand exceeds 21.

Over the years, the game has evolved and also inspired the invention of variations. Advanced players have particularly been known to flock to the game since card counting is possible. A player with the ability to mark what cards have been used can also place their wager accordingly and avoid losing as often. Casino have stamped out this behaviour for the most part and as such maintain a slight edge (on account that you are required to beat rather than draw with the banker/dealer).  Blackjack is a very popular casino game that’s easy for beginners to pick up, so does not intimidate casino goers in the same way that poker sometimes can. In more modern times playing blackjack (and other card and casino games) online has become every more popular, with Netherlands geared sites like offering a friendly place to find casino site that are trusted, reliable and offer great bonuses.

A newbie's guide to online slots gaming Many people like online slots because they are exhilarating, entertaining, and easy to play. Again, you don’t have to go out into a physical casino to enjoy a slot game. You can play online slots at the comfort of your couch by signing up in an online casino. Ease of use and endless promotions have made online slots a more appealing option. Here is a complete guide on how you can play online slots like a pro.

Understand these basic slot jargon

As a newbie in the game of slots, you will encounter different terminologies. Familiarizing yourself with them will enhance your first gaming experience, so you don’t have to lose the game just because you don’t know what some terms mean.

  • RNG means random number generator. It is an algorithm for slot games to ensure that the game is fair on every spin.
  • Reels are the unique elements of all slot games. When you spin, the reels rotate until they stop and align with the other reels. If the combination of the symbols on the reel makes up a payline, you win some cash.
  • A payline refers to a combination of symbols that lead to a win or a predetermined winning pattern. Since slot games have advanced, today’s slots can have between one to thousands of paylines. As a player, if you soon the reels and the symbols form identically to any of the game’s paylines, you win some amount. Some slots also allow players to decide how they would like to play.
  • A paytable shows the symbol value, the game’s bonus features, and the prizes. Before you begin spinning the reel, check the payout table for free spins and bonuses.
  • The payout percentage is the bet amount you can expect to win back.
  • Volatility shows you if the game you want to try is a low, medium, or high-risk game.
  • A win multiplier doubles or triples your winning prize.
  • Jackpots are the biggest payouts the game can provide.

Select a legal casino

The first step to engaging in online slots is choosing a licensed casino to play at. Every country has gambling regulations that dictate if its citizens can play online slots and the requirements for doing so. For instance, in the US, gambling is legal, but every state has the mandate to instruct its gambling regulations. In the UK, gambling is legal for people over the age of 18years.

Check whether it is legal to play online slots in your country to be on the right side of the law. Furthermore, playing in a licensed casino is one of the ways to ensure the safety of your information and that all your payouts will be released promptly. An online casino that boasts of a trustworthy regulatory body guarantees fair casino gaming.

Start with a few demo games.

As a beginner, begin with few demo games to test your skills before playing for real money. Many online slot providers have free demo games that you can play without laying down your cash. This allows you to understand the gameplay, familiarize yourself with the slot and test your skills before playing for cash. Demo games are used as a knowledge builder as there is no risk, only fun. In some online casinos, you don’t even have to register to try free games.

How do you select a slot provider?

Since you are now equipped with the basic terms of online slot games, it is time to choose a suitable slot provider. Use the following tips:

  • Start with free demo games to test slot games.
  • Check if the online slot provider is licensed and regulated. You can search for their accreditation on the website, which may be displayed in the form of a logo or gaming license.
  • Check if you can afford the minimum bet of the game. It is best to look for slot games with sign-up offers and bonuses for new players.
  • Assess the return to player percentage (RTP) of the slot game to evaluate your likelihood of winning a payout. The higher the RTP, the higher the chance of winning as you play.
  • The few tips above will help you narrow down your options to a safe, affordable, and enjoyable online slot game.

Set limits before playing

As a good rule of thumb, always set a spending limit before you start playing for cash. Although gambling is for entertainment, it can have severe social and financial ramifications if you don’t control yourself. Set a time and money limit before you start gaming, and when the time or money is over, stop gaming and move on to other things.

Thankfully, many online gaming websites are aware of gambling consequences and incorporate a time-out feature that allows you to exempt yourself from gaming for a certain period. Such measures are meant to mitigate the unwanted side effects of gambling that some people experience.

How do you maximize your online slot experience?

Online slots are a gamble game, and you should aim to enjoy a good gaming experience without the harmful effects of gambling. Here are some tips for you.

  • Set your gaming budget and stick to it.
  • Do not engage in online slots to win money for paying off your bills. Online slots are just a form of entertainment that allows you to win some amount in the process.
  • Never overplay a slot game because you think it is due for payout. A slot game outcome is entirely based on RNG, so a win is never guaranteed.
  • Play for fun. When the game stops being entertaining to you, take a break.


This guide gives you the means to play online slots safely and legally, especially the beginners. Thanks to modern technology, you can research, select a licensed and reputable online slot provider and enjoy responsible gaming through the internet.

Comienzan a desembarcar en Argentina los grandes casinos online Soplan vientos de cambio en el sector de juegos en la Argentina. El auge de los casinos online ha llegado también a este país. Pero esto no solo se debe al impulso que dio la pandemia y sus restricciones a estas plataformas virtuales. También ha tenido mucho que ver una serie de cambios en las regulaciones. Si eres un apasionado del juego, sigue leyendo y entérate de qué se trata.

Las reglas del juego comienzan a cambiar

Desde mediados del año pasado han comenzado a ganar terreno distintas medidas impulsadas por el gobierno. ¿El fin? Flexibilizar el sector del juego. La Legislatura Porteña votó a favor de modificaciones a las normas y formas de concesión a operadores de juego virtuales que funcionen a través de Internet. Esto abrió la puerta para que casas de juego locales e internacionales lleguen a los argentinos a través de la web.

Por otra parte, en varias provincias del país también se falló a favor de la llamada “Ficha Limpia”. Esta ley estipula que no se podrán conceder licencias a sujetos o empresas cuya situación penal no sea clara. Una medida que no solo favorece el juego limpio de cara a los usuarios, sino también entre los propios operadores.

Los mejores casinos online del mundo se encuentran ahora con las condiciones ideales para prestar servicios en el país. Ahora los jugadores argentinos pueden acceder a una amplia variedad de plataformas de juego de primer nivel. En todas ellas es posible disfrutar de una enorme oferta de juegos. Además, ofrecen métodos de pago seguros y accesibles y, en algunos casos, soporte en español.

Los casinos de Argentina se transforman

Las restricciones impuestas por la pandemia impulsaron otras flexibilizaciones en la industria del juego local. El gobierno entendió que los casinos físicos de Argentina que ya no podían funcionar de manera presencial, necesitaban encontrar un modo de seguir prestando servicio a sus usuarios.

Este es el caso de las casas físicas de juego que hoy funcionan en el Hipódromo Argentino de Palermo y en el Casino Buenos Aires. A partir de esta flexibilización, se les permitió comenzar a operar de manera online, algo que les estaba prohibido hasta ahora.

No podríamos encontrarnos ante mejores noticias para los jugadores argentinos, quienes ahora pueden acceder a sus juegos favoritos desde sus casas. Entre ellos se encuentran la ruleta, las tragamonedas, el bingo y el póker. Pero también las apuestas deportivas, sobre todo las relacionadas con el fútbol. Si también disfrutas del juego online y tienes curiosidad por las últimas novedades, puedes visitar y obtener más información sobre casinos y juegos virtuales en Argentina.

Esta ola de medidas impulsada por el gobierno local permite que el sector del juego se flexibilice y expanda. Además, motiva a que más y mejores casinos online de renombre internacional se decidan a incluir al público argentino entre sus usuarios. Lo cierto es que la industria del iGaming crece a pasos agigantados en todo el mundo. Y Argentina ha comprendido que es hora de subirse a la ola.

Justin Bonomo As he gets fondly referred to, Justin Bonomo, or Zee Justin, is an American high stakes professional poker player and a former Magic the Gathering competitor. Justin was the youngest player to be featured at a televised final table in Feb 2005, where he placed fourth in the inaugural year of the EPT, at 19 years old.

Bonomo resides in Las Vegas, NV and has 3 Bracelets to his name, and his current net worth is in the region of $43 million. Justin currently occupies the first position on the All Time Money List based on his total live earnings.

Justin’s Gambling Career

In 2005 Bonomo became the first teenager to make a live appearance at a poker event, and this was during the European Poker French Open. In 2008 he earned his first victory at the Team Championship Poker Tournament and participated in the No Limit Texas Hold ’em Dream Team Championship for $18000.

Bonomo had 55 cashes in the World Series of Poker, made 19 final tables and victoriously walked away with three bracelets and 1 circuit ring. His first bracelet he won in 2014 in No-Limit Hold ’em Six-Handed and saw him earn $449,980. In the previous events, he placed second, quoting on Twitter, “Always a bridesmaid never a bride.”

His luck turned when in 2018, Bonomo won Event #16, the $10000 Heads Up No Limit Championship, winning a tidy sum of $185 965. Shortly after that win, he won Event #78, the $1000 000 One Drop for $10 000 000. By winning this event, he overtook Daniel Negreanu as number 1 as the top love tournament champion until being surpassed by Brynn Kenney in 2019.

Final Words

Before becoming a Poker champion, Bonomo got caught in 2006 at Pokerstars entering online poker tournaments using multiple accounts. He got banned from two sites costing him thousands of dollars in winnings. As of August 2019, Justin Bonomo’s’ live tournament winnings were at $48 508 778 making him the second-highest tournament earner after Brynn Kenney.