For the past eight years, Jo Ann Argyris, a 58-year-old Boulder City, NV resident, has visited the Vegas casino scene frequently. During her first trip to the Sunset Station Casino in Henderson, Nevada, this grandmother of three and self-employed single mother of two became an instant millionaire by playing a penny slot game called Millioniser Hyperlink.

Playing the same slot machine at Railroad Pass Casino, she won another $1 million jackpot within a year.

When Argyris received her first paycheck, she paid off her mortgage, remodelled her house, and took her family on a cruise along the Mexican Riviera.

During her play at the Railroad Pass, Ann was ready to cash out when the symbols lined up perfectly. It wasn’t until her daughter told her that she had won the million that she realized she had won. It wasn’t what she was expecting. Even though she knew it would happen, she didn’t expect it to happen so quickly. Ten months was all it took for Jo to win her second major Jackpot.

She received a second windfall, so what did she do? Her four-year-old car has only 45,000 miles on it. She doesn’t need a car that costs $60,000, so why would she spend that much money on it? Therefore, she decided to pay off the loans on her kid’s cars, gave them money, saved some money for her grandchildren and she gave some money to her sister too.

Upon hearing about it, Jo’s mother in California called her up and said, “You’re taking me to Italy this time”. Jo’s reply was, “First, I’ll go for a cruise in the Mediterranean, then we’ll spend a couple of days in Rome.” Can this slot player make it three times in a row? I guess only time will tell.

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