Teen Patii, which can also be spelled Teen Pathi, is a wagering game that originates from India and is popular all throughout South Asia.

The game is also popularly known as flush or flash in the west, or sometimes tri-card. Teen Patti is a card game and in facy a simpler form of the popular card game poker.

Gameplay involves 3 cards dished out to all players face down. A player can then choose to play the hand seen, or blind, in which case they either look at the three cards they have or play having not looked at them.

Players win rounds depending on the sequence of cards they have been dealt. The highest value sequence is the triple ace. Three cards that match are a prial and there are names for several other combinations depending on the cards dealt and their suits. The player with the highest card value wins the round and takes the pot which is another name for the money players placed as their bets.

There is a high degree of strategy that goes into a typical game of Teen Patti since the rounds can go on for as long as it takes to reach a showdown where all players fold and only two remain.