Fancy yourself a getaway that combines tourism with the chance to gamble at a world-renowned casino? Then we’ve got you covered! This month, we teamed up with the folks at to bring you a list of the world’s most famous casinos based on their size, popularity, and location. Check them out . . . 

  1. WinStar World Casino

As the world’s largest casino, there’s certainly no shortage of games! Visitors can expect to find a whopping 8,500 electronic games, a 55-table poker room and a total of 100 total table games. Plus if you fancy yourself a long stay, the state-of-the-art hotel, dining, and entertainment facilities are on hand to accommodate you.

Location: Oklahoma, United States

Size: 55,700 metres squared / 600,000 square feet 

Worth visiting for: Being the largest casino in the world 

  1. Bellagio 

Located in the iconic Las Vegas strip, the Bellagio is famous for its many appearances and popular culture. You’ve most likely seen it’s water fountain show as an opening shot in many a film!

Location: Nevada, United States

Size: 10,800 metres squared / 116,000 square feet 

Worth visiting for: Its location in the Las Vegas strip and the world-famous water fountain displays

  1. Venetian Macau 

Set right on a coastal strip by the South China Sea, the Venetian Macau is modelled on the architecture (and even canals!) found in Venice, hence is name. With over 6,000 slot machines and 800 gambling tables, there’s plenty to choose from. 

Location: Macau, China 

Size: 51,000 metres squared / 550,000 square feet 

Worth visiting for: Macau’s well-known and touristic Cotai Strip, where this casino is located

  1. Casino de Monte Carlo

A familiar name for many, Monte Carlo is known as an affluent location featuring luxurious hotels and grand casinos. And with good reason! Casino de Monte Carlo is one such example and has become a famous location thanks to being featured in the James Bond films. Visitors can expect to find every game type imaginable set in breathtakingly beautiful Renaissance-style decor. 

Location: Monte Carlo, Monaco

Size: 10,000 metres squared / 108,000 square feet 

Worth visiting for: The casino’s architecture and history that dates back to the 1800s

  1. Rio Casino Resort 

Don’t let the name fool you . . . this casino is a long way from Brazil! Rio Casino is located in South Africa, and is the largest casino on the Aftican continent. Players can expect more than 250 modern slot machines, 11 table games and progressive play. Plus, the casino is located a short 2 hour drive away from Johannesburg so a trip to this location means there’s plenty more to see and do. 

Location: Klerksdorp, South Africa

Size: 24,700 metres squared / 266,330 square feet

Worth visiting for: Being one of the largest casinos in the Southern Hemisphere

Online casino games were made for fun, but it is not a crime for you to want more. After all, you will need to keep that bankroll rolling for your gaming. While online casino gaming is mainly about how lucky you are, sometimes you can increase your chances of winning by doing certain things.

Additionally, you can also get to win even more real money if you follow some of the few tips that are in this article. Sometimes the reason why you might be losing may be because you are not doing the research and using the different winning tricks and strategies you need to use.

Know How to Manage Your Money

Bankroll management is always vital when it comes to making sure that you maximize on your winnings. Lucky for you there are a lot of betting tips that you can follow to make sure that you properly manage your bankroll. For example, knowing when to stop betting is very important.

If you see that you are not really good at a particular game and you are on a losing streak, why not try another game. The best part about casino gaming is that there are a lot of options that you can pick from. If you were planning on spending $100, then stop as soon as you reach the limit. After all, there is always next time. Visit for French casino games.

Do Your Research

Before playing a particular game, it is always important that you do the research that needs to be done. That way you know what you will be getting yourself into. Additionally, your chances of losing are lower because you will have a few tricks up your sleeve from the research. Always remember that there is no limit to learning, you learn a new thing every day, therefore research as much as you can.

Pick the Right Game

While someone can be good at a particular game, the same might not apply to you. Therefore, find time to experiment and see the game that you are much good at in comparison to the rest. The best part is online casino gaming has a lot of free trials to help you out.