Introducing William “Bill” Benter

William “Bill” Benter is an American Philanthropist and Professional gambler. Long before the days of online casinos for real money he wrote an algorithm that when used, guaranteed wins at the race track. He is also one of the wealthiest gamblers worldwide, and his algorithm has made him close on $1 billion in the Horse Racing Industry.

Born in Pittsburgh in 1957 he went on to study Physics after graduating from High School. He never completed his degree, and at the age of 22, he boarded a Greyhound bus to Vegas so he could test theories he read about in a book published by Prof Edward O’Thorp on card counting.

Years passed, and Bill Benter had his fair share of trials and tribulations, and today it is said he earns between $5-$10 million on a single day at the track.

Bill Benter’s Early Life and Career

When Bill Benter arrived in Vegas, he worked several menial jobs, and one of them was at a 711 earning $3 an hour. He then applied for a job at MacDonald’s where he would meet an individual that would change his life forever, Alan Woods. Alan Woods was the leader of a card-counting team which Benter joined until the casinos blacklisted them. Their focus then turned to the Horse Racing field allowing them to use their mathematical skills to create a formula for choosing winners. This partnership eventually soured, and they both went their separate ways. Alan Woods passed away on the 26 January 2008 age 62, and up until his death, he never believed that Benter had won the 2001 Triple Trio and given up the Jackpot.


Bill Benter is a gambling legend long predating the online casino age, and today he is a visiting Professor at South Hampton Management School as part of their Risk Management Programme. He is also a guest speaker at many top universities and has contributed to Presidential Campaigns and Human Rights Organizations. He is a man who is not only renowned for his superior skill in gambling but various other achievements.

It’s funny how some people think that gamblers are a certain type of person. When I tell friends about my latest visit to a racecourse or bricks and mortar casino (sadly not quite as straightforward in the current coronavirus climate!) I either receive excited interest, or a blank stare. The latter group are those who don’t really look at such pursuits in a favourable light and see gambling as something that is negative in some holistic sense.

That’s foolishness in my view though as much with any interest, its how you approach it that is the import factor rather than the activity itself. I’ve been perfectly happy to set my own limits over the years going in and consequently have had plenty of memorable times in the casino and the best real money casino sites, both individually and with a family and friend group. Sometimes I win, sometimes I lose, but the one thing I do know is that my experience is a world away from the perception that some must have of it!

And besides, life is a gamble, so I’m not sure why it’s such an alien concept to some people. Whether you’re starting a new business, investing, getting married, taking a flight or countless other activities it’s all a calculation. Some people are better at deducing what is the right / most profitable decision to make, others not so much, but that’s what gambling is all about really. Where skill is concerned if someone is good as analysing what is a good choice or opportunity and what isn’t, we should be applauding that not looking down on it. And where we’re talking ‘chance’, we should appreciate that people are able to make decisions without it turning into a cliched worst case scenario.

So the next time you’re talking to a friend about casinojoka casino en ligne or a bricks and mortar casino and you get a ‘I only gamble’ look or comment, be safe in the knowledge that they likely do, and on top of that they’re probably not as good at it as you are!

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