Did you know that in Australia, more people gamble per head of population than anywhere else in the world? It’s certainly an interesting statistic, indicating that casino gaming is one of the most popular leisure activities in this country.

Nevertheless, while there’s an impressive number of online casinos to choose from these days, no two sites are created equally and players must also consider their own preferences, before selecting where to deposit their funds and start enjoying the latest games.

Two questions also spring to mind: Does the site have plenty of variety? Does this casino have the games you want to play? If they don’t, it’s time to consider looking elsewhere, and there’s no shortage of alternative options available. After all, if you’re going to spend money at a site, they should have games that you genuinely enjoy playing.

On the face of things, it’s easy to find casino sites that are aimed at Aussie players, yet it’s another thing entirely finding sites that meet our own unique expectations. And that’s the basis for this quick guide, looking at how to find the best sites that will match your own selective gaming preferences.

Choice and Variety of Games

Without any shadow of doubt, one of the most decisive factors for many players the variety and types of games available, whenever looking through what any particular casino site has to offer. Some of us prefer a diverse range of pokies, while others focus more on card games like poker or blackjack, perhaps roulette and even dice or lotto games.

Pokies are far and away the most popular game type, individually speaking, and millions of Aussies are entertained and engaged by the spinning reels. This is largely because of the diversity of game styles, designed to suit practically every niche and taste, featuring every kind of theme we could possibly imagine. Be it music and movies, fantasy and art or anything else, there’s always usually something that will grab our attention.

Variety is also driving the popularity of traditional card games, and some casino sites tend to specialise more in this area, compared to those which mostly offer pokies. Blackjack enthusiasts might prefer sites with live dealers, for example, along with games featuring novel gameplay additions. Poker players often value having different variants available, such as Texas or Omaha Hold’em, five-card draw or seven-card stud, perhaps even pai gow poker.

Just in case you’re not entirely sure about your own preferences, take a look through our casino games archive, which covers a wide selection of themes from card games to pokies and much more. Variety and choice really do matter, given that sites offering more diversity will keep you entertained for longer, especially when you encounter favourites.

Casino Game Software Providers

How much do you know about companies who make casino games? Truth be told, the average Aussie player doesn’t really think much about that, but perhaps they should, as the software developer brands can often be an indicator towards the quality of games available. Whenever you know about what’s under the hood at casino sites, it can also help to shape your decisions about where to play and how much you can trust the games themselves.

Gamble Online Australia has actually published an extensive guide on the subject, so you can find out about top casino software here in great detail, covering all the top brands and various others that are worth looking out for at the most reputable casino sites. This is accompanied by further information about who they are, where they’re based, and much more.

Likewise, it’s always handy to get an impartial view of each software provider, such as the pros and cons of the games they make, including focus on their innovations and gameplay mechanics. One essential factor is that software developers are safe and fully licensed, which also means they’re regularly tested and audited to comply with international standards, and those are crucial ingredients to ensure trust and transparent gaming.

Some of the software providers and developers are renowned for particular niches. For example, Playtech and Betsoft are famed for providing online casinos with a full range of games, while Microgaming has the largest pokie selection, and Evolution is regarded as the king of live dealer games. Elements like these should help you choose where to play, so don’t forget to delve a little deeper, as this will make your gaming experience all the more rewarding.


George’s Gold Slot from Gold Coin Studios is an exciting adventure-themed game with a unique and creative twist. This 5-reel, 3-row slot features a unique bonus system and a variety of symbols, all set against a stunning background of a colourful forest.

Gameplay and Symbols

George’s Gold Slot features a range of symbols, including playing card numbers and letters, as well as a range of animals, such as a bear, rabbit, wolf and more. The game also features a variety of special symbols, such as a wild symbol, scatter symbol and bonus symbol.

The wild symbol substitutes for all other symbols except the scatter symbol and bonus symbol. The scatter symbol triggers the game’s free spins round, while the bonus symbol triggers the game’s bonus round.

Bonus Features

The bonus presents players with a selection of treasure chests to choose from, which reveals a cash prize. The cash prize depends on the number of bonus symbols that triggered the bonus round. If players are lucky, they can win up to 100 times their total bet. George’s Gold Slot also features a free spin round.

During the free spins round, all wins are multiplied by 2x, giving players the chance to win even bigger prizes. players can also re-trigger the feature by landing three or more scatter symbols on the reels. If this happens, players are awarded additional free spins.


George’s Gold Slot from Gold Coin Studios is a fun and exciting game that offers a unique and creative twist. The game features an exciting bonus system, with a bonus round and free spins round, as well as a range of symbols, including playing card numbers and letters, and a range of animals. Overall, George’s Gold Slot is an enjoyable game that will keep players entertained for hours.