Baden-Baden Caisno, Germany  As the oldest casino in Europe, the Casino Baden-Baden is not just a gambling venue but a historical site as well. The casino was first
opened in the early 1800’s as a spa and gambling location only for the rich with a strict dress code.

The casino invites visitors for a tour around the oldest casino floor in the whole of Europe. Mornings are dedicated for such tours and
the tables are calm like elegant relics of a time past. In the afternoon when the floor is finally open for gaming, the casino quickly flocks and suddenly fills with avid gambling fans looking for some classical gaming. The dress code here requires the men to turn up in a jacket and tie even though the tie is not necessary. Those without a jacket can get one from the casino at a fee.


In an effort to preserve the sophisticated nature of the casino, classical board games are separated from slot machines. You will not
need a jacket to play the pokies but smart casual attire is encouraged.

Casino Games - Pachinko  Pachinko is a game that can be played at your typical arcade or in the casino. The game, which originates from Japan, is a form of vertical
pinball. Pachinko combines slots and pinball to give a hybrid form of the two and is very famous in the country. Though gambling for money is prohibited in Japan, Pachinko is reported to employ more people than any of the top five car manufacturers.


Pachinko has always been run by Korean Japanese who could not make it to the traditional workforce. Having faced discrimination since the end of World War II, Korean Japanese sort to find other ways of making a living and running Pachinko machines was the most successful of them.

The Japanese population spends more than half their leisure time at Pachinko parlors. All a player has to do is drop as many silver balls
as they can to a middle scoring hole. The player shoots the balls into the machine by turning a wheel. The balls bounce down pins before drooping into the middle hole.


Since Pachinko parlors operate in a legal grey area, and converting your winnings to cold hard cash is not as easy. The parlor gives
players token with the prizes they have won. These tokens can then be redeemed for cash. If for instance a player wins 200 caps, they exchange this for money at a prize exchange shop located near the parlor.

Pachinko can be exciting to play since there are lots of different configurations players can use. The game is also popular in US casinos.

Caesar's Palace Casino, Las Vegas  Ceaser’s Palace is one of the landmark buildings in the Las Vegas strip. It is located near Bellagio and The Mirage. Though the hotel and casino is more than 50 years old today, you couldn’t tell by looking at it. The Casino has maintained its high standards from a time when it was one of the first mega resorts in the Las Vegas strip.


The hotel complex has exchanged owners a few times and is owned by Vici Properties and run by Caesars Entertainment. With three to four events running at the same time, this casino and hotel is constantly buzzing with activity. Boxing matches and music extravaganzas as well as gambling tournaments are the trademark of Caesars Palace.


There is plenty of accommodation at Caesars Palace owing to the 3,976 suites and rooms available for guests. Caesars Palace is known for
attracting the best in various casino gamers as well as the high rollers. Players can also enjoy the 24 hour poker room spanning 4,500 square feet.