Caesar's Palace Casino, Las Vegas  Ceaser’s Palace is one of the landmark buildings in the Las Vegas strip. It is located near Bellagio and The Mirage. Though the hotel and casino is more than 50 years old today, you couldn’t tell by looking at it. The Casino has maintained its high standards from a time when it was one of the first mega resorts in the Las Vegas strip.


The hotel complex has exchanged owners a few times and is owned by Vici Properties and run by Caesars Entertainment. With three to four events running at the same time, this casino and hotel is constantly buzzing with activity. Boxing matches and music extravaganzas as well as gambling tournaments are the trademark of Caesars Palace.


There is plenty of accommodation at Caesars Palace owing to the 3,976 suites and rooms available for guests. Caesars Palace is known for
attracting the best in various casino gamers as well as the high rollers. Players can also enjoy the 24 hour poker room spanning 4,500 square feet.

Casino Games - Slot Machines  A slot machine is also referred to as the slots, pokies or poker machine, puggy, or just slot depending on the country. The machine is popular in casinos since there is not much strategy to apply and the titles come in all manner of variations. The slot machines are also
exciting to play as newer machines come up with different ways of winning and new ways of playing.

Typically, the slot machine is played by pressing a button which then spins a minimum of 3 reels to match icons. If the player matches three icons, then they win a certain amount of money. There are special icons in the game, which can take you to bonus rounds or multiply your
winnings considerably.

The concept of the slot machine was borrowed from a machine developed in 1859. The machine was based on poker. The game has
been known not to involve skill on the player’s part even though machines being released today are designed to give the impression. Slot machines are based purely on chance and only payout after a string of loses that the players find hard to track.

Casino Games - Bingo  Bingo has been played since 1920 and has become a favorite pastime. The game is played using a cards with 4 sets of numbers. An announcer reads out random numbers which the players compare to the numbers on their cards. If a player has the same numbers as the
announcer calls out arranged in a row, then they win. A player with a winning card then calls out “Bingo” to alert other players of their win. The announcer then checks the card to confirm the win which brings an end to that round of playing and starts another.


Players are always out to get the right arrangement before each other. Getting the right sequence of numbers wins the player a jackpot which may have accumulated to a sizeable amount during play. The game is based purely on chance as players cannot apply any sort of strategy to determine what numbers the announcer calls out. This is one of the reasons the game is so popular since not much thinking is needed and even a novice has a good chance of winning.