Big Six Wheel goes by many other names such as the Big Six, Wheel of Fortune, Lucky Wheel, Dice Wheel and Money Wheel. The game has been around for many decades and in this time, various forms of the game have been developed.

The game is played by spinning a big wheel with different values which the player lands on when the wheel stops spinning. The odds of winning a top prize or the jackpot are not always high. The house edge is so large due to how segmented the wheel is, so the odds of winning big is against the player.  The values on the wheel represent your winnings so if you land on the number one ,then you win one dollar. The topmost segment where the pointer lies when the wheel stops is the winning segment.

Big Six is a game designed for the casual player that doesn’t cost much to get involved in. This is often deemed to be a game for new gamblers who are just finding their way around the casino floor. For casino newbies, the fact that your luck totally depends on what segment you land on when you spin the wheel adds to the fun of the game. There’s no strategy needed, just the anticipation and thrill of the spin of the Big Six wheel!

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