Casino Games - Keno  Keno is a lottery-like game whose variants can be played at casino and are sometimes offered as lotteries. The game originates from China even though the name itself originates from the Latin and French languages. According to legends about the origins of the game, it saved a city in ancient China from plummeting into war and helped build the Great Wall of China from its winnings.


Players choose from the numbers 1 to 80 in most cases. A player picks 20 numbers and hopes to match at least 5 numbers to a list of numbers generated randomly. The house on the game is large and sometimes goes up to 35%.

The probability that a player should match all 20 numbers is highly unlikely. For a player to get all 20 numbers they would have to beat odd
of a mind boggling 3.5 quintillion exactly 3,535,316,142,212,174,320.

Winning does not depend on any kind of strategy but simply luck when the random numbers come up. This is part of the fun since the big
winners know that it has nothing to do with what strategy they used to pick their numbers. The chance of winning does, however, increase with more picks.

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