Casino Games - Poker  Poker is arguably the most famous card game for gamblers. The game essentially counts on the players gambling and applying strategy to attain the highest value combination of cards and thus win. With its origins in 19th century United States, the game went on to become a worldwide favorite for wagering enthusiasts.


In a typical game of poker the dealer deals each player three cards. Players can either have a strong hand or a weak on depending on the kind of cards they have been dealt. Betting begins when one player makes a forced bet which is placed according to that player’s chances of winning. Every player has the chance to be the dealer even though the casino provides a dealer on the casino floors. As the rounds go on, players can keep changing cards, changing the type of hand they have been dealt.

All variants of poker require a blend of skill and bravado which a player can use to make other players fold thus missing the next turn and forfeiting their bet and possible winnings. There is a high chance that players can win depending on their know-how of the game and what cards they receive. Winning is a mixture of good luck and strategy as players will change cards and bluff to shake opponents and
get them to play into the player’s strategy.

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