Casino Games - Three Card Poker  Three card poker is a version of poker invented to make regular poke faster. The game has generated the most revenues for the
developers and casino than any other game. Invented in 1994 by Derek Webb, the game is played using two modes of play. These two modes pit the player’s handagainst the dealer’s hand. The first mode is the ante mode and the second is the play wager.


The ante wager is depended on the fact that the player hand will be better than the dealer hand. The ante and play wagers are placed before
the cards are dealt. The player is then dealt their cards face down. After having a peak at their combination of cards, the player can decide whether to proceed with the play wager. If the hand is likely to win, then cards are compared to see who between the player and the dealer has a better hand. If the dealer wins, the player loses both the ante and play wagers. A player can also look at their cards and decide to fold, in which case they lose the ante wager. There is an ante bonus which the player wins if they get a straight flush, straight or three of a kind.


The game has become popular since its introduction because there are not too many confusing rules. It is also fastpaced so players can
play more hands per hour than most table games involving cards.

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