Casino Games - Pachinko  Pachinko is a game that can be played at your typical arcade or in the casino. The game, which originates from Japan, is a form of vertical
pinball. Pachinko combines slots and pinball to give a hybrid form of the two and is very famous in the country. Though gambling for money is prohibited in Japan, Pachinko is reported to employ more people than any of the top five car manufacturers.


Pachinko has always been run by Korean Japanese who could not make it to the traditional workforce. Having faced discrimination since the end of World War II, Korean Japanese sort to find other ways of making a living and running Pachinko machines was the most successful of them.

The Japanese population spends more than half their leisure time at Pachinko parlors. All a player has to do is drop as many silver balls
as they can to a middle scoring hole. The player shoots the balls into the machine by turning a wheel. The balls bounce down pins before drooping into the middle hole.


Since Pachinko parlors operate in a legal grey area, and converting your winnings to cold hard cash is not as easy. The parlor gives
players token with the prizes they have won. These tokens can then be redeemed for cash. If for instance a player wins 200 caps, they exchange this for money at a prize exchange shop located near the parlor.

Pachinko can be exciting to play since there are lots of different configurations players can use. The game is also popular in US casinos.

Casino Games - Slot Machines  A slot machine is also referred to as the slots, pokies or poker machine, puggy, or just slot depending on the country. The machine is popular in casinos since there is not much strategy to apply and the titles come in all manner of variations. The slot machines are also
exciting to play as newer machines come up with different ways of winning and new ways of playing.

Typically, the slot machine is played by pressing a button which then spins a minimum of 3 reels to match icons. If the player matches three icons, then they win a certain amount of money. There are special icons in the game, which can take you to bonus rounds or multiply your
winnings considerably.

The concept of the slot machine was borrowed from a machine developed in 1859. The machine was based on poker. The game has
been known not to involve skill on the player’s part even though machines being released today are designed to give the impression. Slot machines are based purely on chance and only payout after a string of loses that the players find hard to track.

Casino Games - Bingo  Bingo has been played since 1920 and has become a favorite pastime. The game is played using a cards with 4 sets of numbers. An announcer reads out random numbers which the players compare to the numbers on their cards. If a player has the same numbers as the
announcer calls out arranged in a row, then they win. A player with a winning card then calls out “Bingo” to alert other players of their win. The announcer then checks the card to confirm the win which brings an end to that round of playing and starts another.


Players are always out to get the right arrangement before each other. Getting the right sequence of numbers wins the player a jackpot which may have accumulated to a sizeable amount during play. The game is based purely on chance as players cannot apply any sort of strategy to determine what numbers the announcer calls out. This is one of the reasons the game is so popular since not much thinking is needed and even a novice has a good chance of winning.

Casino Games - Baccarat  Baccarat is one of the most popular-if not the most popular-casino games. There are three variations of the game namely; punto banco, baccarat banque and baccarat chemmy. Punto banco is the most played of the three. In the game, players’ moves are determined by the cards dealt to them.


The game is played between the banker and player such that their cards are compared. Each round of play can give one of three outcomes;
player, banker or tie. The game has a long history spanning from the 15th century when it was famous in France after being imported from Italy.


Cards in baccarat are valued using a point system which drops the ten in a total card value that exceeds nine. For instance, a card
value of 14 would be 4. The high cards stating from the jack have a value of zero.


The game has taken over as one of the most played in Macau casinos and accounted for 88% of their  stash in 2017.