Caribbean stud poker is played in a similar manner to 5-card poker though in this case the players play against the house, whereas most poker games have players betting against each other. The game is relatively new to the gambling world even though it is not clearly defined who actually came up with it. The main aim for developing the game is, however, known to be so that casinos could encourage players to play more card games. Card games are a lucrative aspect of gambling for casino venues around the world.

In Caribbean Stud Poker, players place the ante wager before any cards are dealt and no more bets can be placed once the dealer says “no more bets.” Each player is dealt five cards facing down and players are not allowed to discuss their hands. The dealer is also dealt their cards, in this case four cards which he/she completes by adding one more card for themselves. Players can fold if they have a low chance of winning in which case, the ante wager is lost. Those who continue the game then place a second wager called the raise, which is twice that of the ante wager. The dealer then compares cards and the players with a card combination that beats the dealer’s cards win.

Players are always encouraged to play on if they have a pair in their first set of cards or a hand higher than this. Players are not allowed to announce their hand since this would decrease the house edge.

Big Six Wheel goes by many other names such as the Big Six, Wheel of Fortune, Lucky Wheel, Dice Wheel and Money Wheel. The game has been around for many decades and in this time, various forms of the game have been developed.

The game is played by spinning a big wheel with different values which the player lands on when the wheel stops spinning. The odds of winning a top prize or the jackpot are not always high. The house edge is so large due to how segmented the wheel is, so the odds of winning big is against the player.  The values on the wheel represent your winnings so if you land on the number one ,then you win one dollar. The topmost segment where the pointer lies when the wheel stops is the winning segment.

Big Six is a game designed for the casual player that doesn’t cost much to get involved in. This is often deemed to be a game for new gamblers who are just finding their way around the casino floor. For casino newbies, the fact that your luck totally depends on what segment you land on when you spin the wheel adds to the fun of the game. There’s no strategy needed, just the anticipation and thrill of the spin of the Big Six wheel!

Sic Bo is also referred to tai sai, hi-lo, big and small or dai sai. The game originates from China and is played with three dice. It also has variants like chuck-a-luck and grand hazard English origins. Sic Bo literally translates to precious dice.

Gameplay involves the three dice which players bet on. The bet is placed against a certain event taking place such as all dice showing the same number. Players place bets on different areas of a board with various betting options. The dealer then shakes a box containing the 3 dice and opens it to reveal what combination he has.

Players can place bets on doubles appearing (two similar numbers on the three dice) while any triple loses (the same value on all three dice). Big and small bets involve the number totals on the dice. Betting on the dice to bring up 4 to 10 counts as a small bet, a big bet is one where the dice make up a total of 11 to 17.

The game of Sic Bo is exciting and dramatic because players can have a lot of fun if the dice favors them and a lot of heartache if they don’t. Even more interestingly, nothing the player does can affect the outcome of the dice shake.

Teen Patii, which can also be spelled Teen Pathi, is a wagering game that originates from India and is popular all throughout South Asia.

The game is also popularly known as flush or flash in the west, or sometimes tri-card. Teen Patti is a card game and in facy a simpler form of the popular card game poker.

Gameplay involves 3 cards dished out to all players face down. A player can then choose to play the hand seen, or blind, in which case they either look at the three cards they have or play having not looked at them.

Players win rounds depending on the sequence of cards they have been dealt. The highest value sequence is the triple ace. Three cards that match are a prial and there are names for several other combinations depending on the cards dealt and their suits. The player with the highest card value wins the round and takes the pot which is another name for the money players placed as their bets.

There is a high degree of strategy that goes into a typical game of Teen Patti since the rounds can go on for as long as it takes to reach a showdown where all players fold and only two remain.