Online casino games are gradually becoming as much, if not more, a part of everyday life as ‘the real thing’. Sure there is nothing quite like soaking in the atmosphere at a bricks and mortar casino, but the convenience and ‘comfort of your own home’ aspects of online gambling hold appeal to many millions of people too. Online poker was the first casino game to really catch on with the masses, but online roulette too, both real and simulated, is a favorite for many.

For the sheer amount of variety and invention, online slots really stand out from the crowd for me though and what better way to celebrate online slots by checking out some of the biggest wins of 2018, brought to us by those streaming the ups and downs of their own betting journey!

Anyone that’s gambled at either online or offline casinos a few times will tell you that your luck can swing drastically one way or the other. If it’s your night, what ever game you’re playing, you just can’t put a foot wrong. If it’s a night bereft of luck though, you almost start to feel that you were secretly cursed during your walk in! Regardless of your individual fortunes on any one night, over time the venue has a slight (or significant, depending on what game you’re playing) edge. Of course, in the past on rare occasions people find a way around the system as it is and tip things in their favor. That’s what card counting was all about, and the above video focuses on four other people who ‘beat the casino’, winning big, through their own ingenuity and opportunism.