Louis Theroux is a world famous documentary maker, and over the course of his career he’s approached individuals and topics ranging from wacky to deadly serious. His ‘Gambling in Las Vegas’ documentary was something of a half way house in terms of the how it turned out. there was no shying away from the highs and lows of gambling in Vegas, but also many moments had a comedic touch to them. Here Louis is shown around a high roller’s fully comped, spacious hotel suite.

Online casino games are gradually becoming as much, if not more, a part of everyday life as ‘the real thing’. Sure there is nothing quite like soaking in the atmosphere at a bricks and mortar casino, but the convenience and ‘comfort of your own home’ aspects of online gambling hold appeal to many millions of people too. Online poker was the first casino game to really catch on with the masses, but online roulette too, both real and simulated, is a favorite for many.

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