Beginners Guide to Online Casino Gaming If you have never played online casino games before, there are plenty of different things to get your head around before you start playing the actual games. You need to be aware of all of the different online casinos available to you, the pros and cons of each, as well as the different casinos’ promotions that these online sites may offer to you to entice you in.

There are so many options available to you that it is really important that you do your research so that you can get the best out of your money as you play. It is also a good idea to know the type of game you might want to play before you start comparing online sites, too. This will help to narrow down what you are comparing and will prevent confusion in the way that you will compare the advantages of the games available to you online.

Free Play Casinos

There are many casinos online that allow you to play different games for a set period of time or spins, for example, so that you are able to see if you enjoy the game and so that you are able to learn what to do. This prevents you from losing money before you even know what you are doing and will increase the enjoyment you get from a particular game once you are playing for actual money.

Not all casinos allow you to play for free, but if you have not played certain games before, this is a great and clever way to make comparisons between certain games first hand. This way, you can find a game that is perfect for you without relying solely on the statistics that may be a little unclear for a first-timer or are incomparable between different casino game styles.

Sign Up Bonus Casino Offers

With thousands of online casinos on the internet just waiting for you to sign up and become their next affiliated member, they need to find a way of standing out from the crowd. They do this by creating what they think are the best possible sign up bonus casino offers, promotions and deals in order to entice you in. Some of them look good but aren’t particularly rewarding, whereas others are hugely rewarding in multiple ways. You need to look out for the latter and take obvious advantage.

You should also be aware that having joined an online casino and been in receipt of a casinos bonus offers, there are also many different promotions you can be a part of as a member. These may be deposit free spins, double deposit, or even free credit. Always keep your eyes peeled as you never know what’s in store to keep you interested in your affiliated casino.

Casino Game Types

There are two main types of games that you need to think about when you approach an online casino – the casino games that require skill or strategy in order to succeed, and the casino games that merely require good luck and chance. Knowing which of these options you are more interested in playing will very quickly determine the sort of casino gambling you are going to head directly to.

Luck-based casino games can be considered as online slots or bingo online, as no skill is required at all. Strategy casino games may include poker and blackjack because you need to have a fair amount of knowledge to be able to succeed and have the potential to win. Though there is some luck involved in both gaming styles, you cannot go in “blind” when playing the strategy based games and expect to win as this will never end well.

Bankroll First

Before you start playing any online casino based game, whether it is slots online, blackjack or a casino game in between, there is one thing you must always do: Set yourself a bankroll. This is an imperative piece of advice and will prevent you from spending money that you cannot afford to lose. It will also prevent financial ruin and also, in extreme cases, addiction.

You can either set a bankroll based on the amount of money that you are able to lose during that playtime or you can set a time limit on your play. Either will work but you must always stop once that limit has been reached and never extend it just because you are enjoying your play. Knowing these few simple rules will keep you safe when beginning to use online casino gambling.

What Makes Online Casino Better than Land-based Online casinos have totally transformed the gambling experience for the past two decades. There are many countries in the Europe that are generating a lot of revenues through online gambling. This has boosted a lot of economies in most European countries.

According to newzealandcasinos online casino, the transformation of online casinos has created a stiff competition for land-based casinos. This is because the former has been producing some exciting features to gambling. And that has allowed a lot of players to opt for online gambling over land-based casinos. If you are still not in agreement that online casinos have been doing exceptionally well, here are some of good reasons you need to consider.

A wider Selection of Casino Games

The only reason why you don’t need to move quite a number of kilometres for casino games is simply because these games are available for you online. All you need to is your computer or mobile device and internet access so that you are able to access a wide range of real money casino games.

If you are high roller player, high stake casino games are available for you at the comfort of your own home. You can enjoy games such as; craps, blackjack, baccarat, roulette and many others. Online slots are also available with amazing graphics and exciting sound effects.

Top-Notch Website Design

It might sound like a something that is less important. But an online casino that encompass a poor website design will surely not attract players. And most casinos have mastered the art of creating slick website design that will entice players to place their bets for real money betting.

However, its not all about a good-looking site, rather its simplicity is also put under a lot of consideration. A casino website such as that offers any easy user-experience is exactly what players need. Everything must be clear from the start. From online casino bonuses, payment methods, games and many others, everything must be squeaky clean.

Eye Spinning Slots Wins! If you’re anything like me when you’re in a casino, sooner or later  you move from whatever you’re playing (roulette, poker, blackjack etc) and are drawn towards the bright lights of the slots machines. And who can blame me, as the modern age of slots machines is akin to being a kid in a candy shop. Gone are the old fashioned slot machines that lack in excitement, and instead they’re replaced by the latest technologies, exciting themes and all action play. The online world is no different, with hundreds if not thousands of different slots sites and games to choose from, each with their own exciting themes and bonuses. Personal favourites of mine have to be games such as Fruits and Sevens and the ever popular Book of Ra. They both have great replay value and I’ve had no shortage of luck on them!

But whether you’re a keen online or offline casino goer, contrary to the old adage it’s the winning not the taking part that counts! Sure most of us will have experienced a win into the hundreds of dollars, some of us the thousands, but what about genuine mega wins? Let’s take a look at a couple of big wins – one offline and one online, that we can only really dream of coming our way!

Elmer Sherwin’s Big Win x 2

Winning one big jackpot would be enough for most of us but World War 2 veteran Elmer Sherwin wanted a second bit of a cherry. His first win alone was memorable enough as it occurred in the world famous Mirage Casino in Las Vegas, just 10 hours after it first opened. Trying his luck on the slots he experienced what for most would be a life changing win of $4.6 million. As a slots lover though, Elmer kept playing over the years and 16 years later at the ripe old age of 92, he experienced his second dose of massive good fortune, winning a staggering $21.14 million on the Megabucks slot machine at the Cannery Casino & Hotel, Las Vegas. Elmer has since sadly passed away but was known for his generosity with friends and family, so the win went to the right person.

Mega Moolah Millions

Increasingly, big slots jackpots (and casino games in general) are happening online as well as offline. Casino sites attract so many players that the potential jackpots go up and up, and if it’s your lucky day, you may well literally have millions of dollars coming your way. 26 year old UK soldier Jon Heywood knows a thing or two about this. In October 2015 he was playing the Mega Moolah slots game when he won a jackpot sum of just over $20,000,000. Apparently he intended to buy a car and going on holiday with his winnings. Sounds like a good plan, one he can repeat endlessly for the rest of his life!

So whether online or offline, if your luck is in when you’re playing slots you can experience a life changing moment like Elmer and Jon! All that’s just is for me to wish you good luck with that endevour!

Best Pokie Games: How to Play Australian Pokies Online For Free?

Generally, Australia enjoys a massive and vibrant iGaming market. According to local gaming pundits, the overall outlook is resilient, with growing numbers year in year out. The awe of mobile-friendly games dramatically contributes to this reality. Perhaps, the negating news to the Australian pokies collection is a restriction of companies like Microgaming, which no longer supplies its games here.

Nonetheless, Australia is home to some of the greatest and latest releases from renowned developers. Here is a list of the top pokies causing ripples across Australian online gaming platforms:

  • Valley of Secrets;

  • Money Train;

  • Hippie Chicks;

  • Wolf Moon Rising.

In case you want to enjoy the best Australian pokies, a need for keen research is imminent. Look for legit and licensed casinos operated by renowned establishments in the industry. Everyone can equally take advantage of available bonuses that range from no deposit to free spins and free games.

With innumerable options to choose from, the Australian mobile and online casino environment promises to take you through an incredible gaming journey while on the move.

The Best Guide on How to Play Pokies

Playing pokies in Australia and the rest of the world is fun. Whether bored at home or enjoying that relaxed rail cruise, the player can immerse into the world of exhilarating entertainment. However, before jumping directly into the real money gaming rounds, it is advisable to horn own skills through fun games, playable by virtual coins afforded on dummy accounts. The various types of pokies available are:

  • 3-reel pokies;

  • 5-reel pokies;

  • Megaspin title pokies;

  • 243- ways pokies;

  • 3125-ways pokies;

  • 1024-ways pokies.

Whichever the choice excites you, there are some of the basic rules to grasp. What constitutes a win or loss in pokie gaming? Perhaps this is the most important rule. Before the advent of mobile gaming technology, winning moves were relatively straightforward.

The traditional way to get a win was easy. Players needed to set reels in motion by pulling the right-positioned lever. By matching the same symbols on each reel, you could easily record the win. The paytable would then indicate a deserved prize.

Best Pokie Games: How to Play Australian Pokies Online For Free?

Online gaming is here with us. The concept has transformed. Once logged into the loaded casino account, adjust your coin sizes, and highlight the number of lines you wish to activate. With paylines carrying potential prizes, here are some of the basics to understand:

  • Choose on the number of lines that you want to play

  • With the minimum bet and maximum bet in mind, adjust a gamble range accordingly

  • Hit the spin button to set reels in motion.

  • Wait for the outcome, where winning lines will enticingly glow amid congratulatory tones

  • Paytable will automatically highlight the winning amount

With basic pokie rules in mind, the best pokies to play in Australia are determined through free spins awarded, deposit bonus tied to the game, a friendly and easily navigable interface, a good gamble range, and eye-catching graphics to mention just a few. If you have mastered rules on how to win and how to play Aussie pokies, it is high time to hit the ground running with the favorite slots game for real money. Though wins are not a guarantee after every spin, you stand a chance of collecting memorable wins on Australia online gaming platforms. No download gaming versions are easily compatible with mobile devices, while free spins and other diverse bonuses will significantly boost wagers.

Aussie Web Pokies

The vibrancy of the Australian iGaming market stems from the massive number of pokies conveniently available. Regarded as an indispensable mode of entertainment and a hobby to other gaming in Australia, gaming is embraced across generations. Here are some facts about gaming (land-based and online) in Australia:

  • Over 20% of global gaming machines are found in Australia;

  • The exact number of slot machines is approximated to be over 200, 000;

  • With an estimated Aussie population of 20,264,082 or thereabouts, this translates into at least over a hundred games per person;

  • Of all the Australian adults, at least 38% are pokies enthusiasts;

  • Australian pokies have an average percentage payout of 90.89%;

  • Averagely, chances of winning the jackpot while playing a single line are 1/50,000,000;

  • Chances of winning the jackpot while playing a total of 20 active lines is 1/ 2, 500,00.

The wide range of payment options is also another reason why playing Australian pokies is convenient. At the click of a button, your account will be loaded. Though withdrawals are not instant, expect timely processing of cashouts. Some of this deposit and with methods include:

Best Pokie Games: How to Play Australian Pokies Online For Free?


  1. Credit Cards – MasterCard and Visa;

  2. BPay – is an online payment method. It is increasingly becoming popular as it allows small amounts of deposits to the account.

  3. NETeller – is an e-Wallet that will enable making deposits and withdrawals conveniently. It is no need to give banking details to the online casino. The NETeller account is funded through credit cards or wire transfers.

  4. Skrill – is regarded as one of the most secure e-wallets. It is an online-based method that will get the account funded within a few minutes. Like NETeller, your private financial information is not required for registration. Interestingly, across Australian pokie sites, customers can enjoy incredible bonuses and loyalty points awarded by Skrill exclusively for gaming purposes.

  5. POLi – is an exclusive web-based payment method for Australian and New Zealand players. In case the casino accepts POLi payments, all is needed to log into the bank account and authorize the payment.

  6. Bank Wire – is a payment method that allows you to directly log into the bank account and directly transfer funds to the site account.

With all these payment methods, it is possible to play favorite New Zealand or Aussie slots with a few clicks. Generally, there is no significant difference between pokies or slot machines in these two countries. Providers such as Aristocrat with roots in Australia are readily available in New Zealand mobile casinos. Games such as Valley of Secrets or Money Train have equally the same graphics and player interfaces.

The Best “How to Win” Strategy

Winning after a spin is a coveted moment that every customer waits with excitement. Experts and experienced players have proposed several strategies to leverage ensuring regular wins. Nonetheless, these strategies come with a disclaimer that no approach is ideal or perfect. Here are some of them:

  • Always choose the right slots with the highest payouts. If you want to maximize the win, look for higher RTPs. The theoretical return to player (RTP) paints a picture of what slot pays back from the entire wagered amount.

  • Consider the game’s volatility. Sometimes referred to as the game’s variance, volatility predicts how regular wins will be. For instance, a low volatility game implies regular, albeit small wins. High volatility means odds of winning the round is relatively smaller, but when you strike a win, it will be comparably bigger.

  • Take advantage of free spins offered. With free spin bonuses, the player can comfortably leverage them and sharpen one’s skills before delving into real money gaming.

  • Do not be tempted by distinct options on the screen. It does not matter how friendly a casino game appears. Some background research is necessary. Unscrupulous operators fueled by evil desire are only interested in the hard-earned cash. Always check the licensing status of the chosen site.

Play Australian Pokies Online Free

Playing Australian pokies free can be fun. That is why online sites have scaled up their competition tricks by offering, among other bonuses, no deposit bonus and free spins on some selected games. Here are some features standard among free pokies:

  • Paylines – are lines where winning combinations can be spotted;

  • Wilds – are common symbols that mainly carry jackpot potential in case you get at least five of them on an active payline. Besides, Wilds can substitute all other symbols except for scattering to help spotting winning combos;

  • Free spins- are the most ordinary in-game bonuses which are mainly activated by getting at least three scatter symbols on reels;

  • Coin size – is the bet amount that a gamer should put into the stake. It usually comes with a minimum and a maximum value.


No Download No Registration – Play for Fun

Best Pokie Games: How to Play Australian Pokies Online For Free?

The bonus-spiced Australian pokies are available without putting any of the cents into the registration process. Games are mobile-optimized and are playable just for fun with no downloading whatsoever. The instant play slots versions are playable on the go directly from the browser add-ons.

Top Rated Best Pokie Games

Whether for real money or free game versions, online gaming provides unrivaled convenience. No travels to and from casinos. At the comfort of the home, you can easily hit that spin button and wait for the payout combos. Here is a list of some top Aussie pokies:

Best Pokie Games: How to Play Australian Pokies Online For Free? Lucky 88 slot machine - is developed by an Australian company, Aristocrat, with matchless quality in terms of in-game graphics. Playable on all devices, you can easily enjoy free spins across mobile devices.

Five Dragons Pokie Machine - is also a brainchild of Aristocrat developers. It is available on instant flash players; hence no download required. Look out for casinos offering welcome bonuses on this game and enjoy timelessly.

Indian Dreaming Pokie for Free - is probably one of the most popular slots in Australian sites. A good-looking player interface with HD graphics and a well-lit background. Designed with JS coding and HTML5, it is smoothly compatible with all mobile devices.

Top 10 Tips & Tricks

Pokie tips and tricks will enable to leverage spins and possibly collect generous payouts. However, it is always imperative to note that no gaming trick is ideal:

  1. Always play with the amount you will be comfortable with in case of a loss;

  2. Research on casinos with huge bonuses;

  3. Look out for games with relatively high RTPs;

  4. The volatility of the game is another prime factor that calls for consideration;

  5. Look out for slot machines with more significant payouts;

  6. For fun, choose games that in line with your interests;

  7. In case of a losing stake, do not be tempted to play more in the hope of recovering lost wages;

  8. For real money wagering, always check on casino licensing to avoid scams;

  9. Try free versions before trying new games with real money;

  10. Look out for expertise reviews to understand the basic gaming rules.

2020 Best Mobile Pokies

Playing favorite games on mobiles like Black Diamond Casino or Jackpot casino is incredibly convenient. Irrespective of operating systems, the gamer can easily slide into a world of endless wins. All you need is an iPad, iPhone, Android phones, tablets, or a laptop and comfortably play some of these top mobile pokies:

  • Golden HoYeah – is a highly rated slot game with impressive realistic themes such as Fortune Tree and Rooster 88.

  • Cashmania slots 2019 – is a brainchild of Vegas Fun City, this free mobile game comes with a wide selection of games with relatively higher payouts

  • Titan’s Wrath – is a mobile game that boasts of exciting animations from Hana Games and is compared with themes such as Greek Gods and Aladdin.

  • Pirates of the Dark Seas – is the game that takes pride in what the pundits’ term as biggest jackpot and unbelievably high payouts.

  • Viva Slots Vegas – is an exciting classic-themed slot that will immerse the player deep into the Vegas fortune-laden gaming environment.

Best Pokies Win: Largest Jackpot Wins

Best Pokie Games: How to Play Australian Pokies Online For Free?

Unbelievable jackpots have created gaming headlines. Here are some of them:

  • $18,471.30 is an incredible progressive jackpot payout for Aristocrat’s all-famed Queen of the Nile Pokies. It was won in 2016 as the jackpot for Microgaming’s Dark Knight Slot.

  • The Lucky 88 slot also developed by Aristocrat takes pride in $9,000 progressive jackpot prize. With an attractive 98.99% RTP and 243 ways to win, this is one of the biggest jackpots in the Australian market.

  • The Big Red slot progressive jackpot also has the bragging rights as the game with leading jackpot winners in Australia. Besides jackpot prizes, the game offers a range of free spins and bonuses, which can significantly boost the payout.

Best Online Pokies Providers

Taking pride in matchless security features, well-researched graphics, and experience spanning years, the following are some of the best gaming companies supplying the Australian iGaming market:

  • Play’n GO – is driven by the urge to provide quality mobile-friendly games, this company has been developing mobile-optimized games since 2004.

  • Evolution Gaming – multi-language games offer with an Australian Pokie Niche. It has been operational with impressive games and progressive jackpots since 2006.

  • Aristocrat Gaming – is a subsidiary of Aristocrat Leisure Ltd. Founded back in the 1950s, the company has grown leaps and bounds to provide competitive games in the modern Australian gaming market.

  • IGT – International Game Technology provides cutting-edge technology and its foothold presence across the globe.

To ensure fairness, these software developers subject their products to professional third-party auditors like Technical Systems Testing (TST), iTech Labs, and Gaming Labs International. For the ultimate safety of gamers, recognized bodies such as eCOGGRA license these providers. Besides, they employ the latest versions of firewall web technology and encryption systems.