The global gambling market is simply massive and has been spurred on by increased internet penetration coupled with an ocean of online gambling websites being set up around the world. According to the data compiled by, the global gambling market gross gaming yield has risen at a steep but mostly steady rate from $220 billion in 2001 to $495 billion by 2019. However, in the United States, the entertainment medium hasn’t enjoyed an easy ride to the mainstream market and has only recently become accepted in multiple states. Now, many people in the US can play online gambling games at their leisure, with more jurisdictions likely allowing brands to offer their services to its residents in the near future. But why has it taken so long for America, the home of Las Vegas and Atlantic City, to get into online gambling?

It all started in the Caribbean

The Long-Stifled but Now Triumphant History of Online Gambling

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When you think of the gambling hubs of the world, your mind wanders to the likes of Sin City, Atlantic City, London, Macau, and even Paris, but the ever-expanding realm of online gambling all started in the Caribbean nation of Antigua and Barbuda. In 1994, the country passed the Free Trade and Processing Zone Act, detailed here at, which paved the way for operators to apply for a license and open an online casino. Over in the Isle of Man in that same year, a company called Microgaming created the first functional real-money online casino games, secured by CryptoLogic to enable safe transactions online. The first online casino was subsequently opened in 1994, called The Gaming Club.

A couple of years on, in 1996, North American moves were being made to establish an online gambling scene on the continent. Mohawk Territory’s Kahnawake Gaming Commission came into force 23 years ago, establishing a body that would also license online casinos and regulate the industry within its jurisdiction. Many more operators joined the booming industry, with the number of online gambling websites jumping from just 15 in 1996 to over 200 in just one year. More Canadian territories established themselves as regulatory bodies, with the nation’s fairly liberal attitude proving to be very profitable. However, down south, the sentiment towards gaming online was the opposite.

Troubles in the US

The Long-Stifled but Now Triumphant History of Online Gambling

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Attempts from the US to stop free trade agreements with Antigua and Barbuda regarding online gambling being offered to its citizens were thwarted in 2004 by the World Trade Organisation, which appeared to make the US double-down on stopping its people from playing games online. In 2006, Congress passed the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act to prohibit gambling businesses from accepting bets through the internet. It was a major stumbling block for online gambling, which would lead to multiple actions against online gaming heads and activities which appeared to sit in something of a grey area.

What was United States’ loss became the United Kingdom’s gain, with the UK government enacting the Gambling Act to legalize online gambling as well as apply stringent rules for licensing and regulation. In the ensuing years, online gambling flourished in the UK and across Europe, with the UK Gambling Commission championing a regulated space for the industry. Other nations like Malta have also joined to provide further regulation and room for growth.

Over in the US, however, challenge after challenge was raised by American legal bodies against online gambling products such as online poker. The repeated suits against big brands culminated in what is now known as the Black Friday of poker. US authorities issued indictments against some of the biggest online poker owners in the word, pumping the breaks on the budding industry. However, in 2012, a federal judge of New York, Jack Weinstein, ruled that poker shouldn’t be ruled under federal gambling laws and was a game of skill, as reported by After this revelation, the fortunes of online gambling in the US slowly started to turn around.

Bouncing back in the USA

The Long-Stifled but Now Triumphant History of Online Gambling

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One year after poker was ruled as a game of skill and not of luck and gambling, the states of Nevada, New Jersey, and Delaware allowed online gaming to go live within state lines. This gave operators the chance to not only capitalize on the gambling-centric persona of their new hosts, but also make the most of the high adoption of smartphones, tablets, and laptops in these US states. To deliver the casino-feel to their customers, platforms like hosted hundreds of slot games alongside classics like roulette, video poker, baccarat, and blackjack. As these platforms developed alongside technological innovations, they began to utilize the connectivity of the platform with games like progressive jackpot slots.

In 2015, many casino owners backed efforts to legalize the online gaming space across the US, but the campaign stalled. In 2016, when Pennsylvania attempted to join the likes of New Jersey, Delaware, and Nevada as a legalized state for online gambling, the last scheduled session day of the Senate came and went before they could reach a consensus. In 2018, however, persistent campaigning spearheaded by New Jersey led to sports wagering being legalized across the country at each state’s discretion, leading to a slew of jurisdictions allowing sports betting. More states have also been able to legalize online casino gaming in recent years, with it now being permitted in Iowa and, finally, Pennsylvania, as well as the original three states.

While online gaming isn’t regulated across the entirety of the continent-spanning nation that is the United States, there has been sufficient movement to suggest that more states will begin to accept the popular entertainment medium in the years to come.

History of Roulette & Interesting Facts The invention of roulette is credited to seventeenth-century French mathematician Blaise Pascal, who happened upon the idea when investigating not games of chance, but perpetual motion. Modern roulette is similar, in many ways, to two contemporary gambling games of the day, known as ‘Roly Poly’ and ‘Even/Odd’. Of course time waits for no man, and nowadays you’re as likely to hear of someone inputting a promotional code genting, or having a big roulette win online, as you are in an offline bricks and mortar environment.

A recognisably modern roulette wheel – albeit with both a single and double zero – became popular in casinos throughout France and Monaco in the late eighteenth century. In the middle of the nineteenth century, the roulette wheel was overhauled by two French brothers, Louis and Francois Blanc, who removed the double zero pocket and, in so doing, created the modern French, or European, roulette table. Following the February Revolution in France in 1848, roulette was exported to the United States by French émigrés, but the European version was not well received by American administrators, who reintroduced the double zero pocket to create what henceforth became known as American roulette.

Did You Know?

‘Roulette’ is a diminutive meaning a small wheel, from the French word ‘rouelle’, meaning a wheel.

The first man to ‘break the bank’ at the Casino de Monte-Carlo or, in other words, to win more than the 100,000 francs set aside to cover liabilities on each roulette table, was a Yorkshireman named Joseph Jagger. In 1873, Jagger took advantage of a biased roulette wheel to win 2,000,000 francs, or the equivalent of £7.5 million by modern standards.

So-called ‘triple zero’ roulette – which, as the name suggests, features triple, double and single zero pockets – was first introduced, as ‘Sands Roulette’, at The Venetian, Las Vegas in 2016 and is, nowadays, offered by numerous casinos on the Las Vegas Strip.

Single zero roulette offers a house edge of 2.7%, double zero roulette offers a house edge of 5.26% and triple zero roulette offers a house edge of 7.69%. Even in the single zero version, a bet placed on, say, red or black, or odd or even, which pays even money, does not have a 50% chance of winning; the presence of the green single zero pocket reduces the chance of winning any such bet to 48.64%.

Top Gambling Movies to Watch Right Now So if you are tired of winning real money by playing online casino games, we recommend that you take a break to sit back and watch one of the top gambling movies today. Just like a plethora of online casino games available at most online casinos such as The same applies to gambling movies available on DVDs and in cinemas. And in this new age of technology you can watch some of the top gambling movies at the comfort of your own home via live streaming or through download on the internet.

We are thrilled with gambling and that makes us love to play for real money and win. But you can learn more about gambling by watching some of the movies we are going to highlight.

The Cincinnati Kid

A movie directed by Norman Jewson portrays a poker you have never seen before. Starring Ann Margret, Edward G, Robison and Steve McQueen this amazing movie hit $7 million at box offices during the time of release.

This classic movie tells a story of Eric Stoner AKA the Cincinnati Kid who lives in 1930 New Orleans. This kid loves all forms of gambling but very fond of stud poker. To get more of the movie you can just pause your game and take a moment to watch this classic movie.


Clive Owen portrays Jack Manfred in this marvellous movie. Jack Manfred in this movie is struggling to make a career as a writer and he is now being forced to take a job as a croupier. However, according to some of the best sports betting sites reports, they claim that he then found himself deep in the casino world and the job he didn’t want later consume his life and his relationship was in shambles and he was later dumped by his girlfriend.

He later got involved with Jani who was also a gambler but she had bad luck and she was always pressured from her creditors on a regular basis.

We have said enough all you need to do now is to grab a copy and enjoy this marvellous movie of the croupier.

Funny Gambling-Related Female Dog Names Well, it is not a secret that our little pooches capture our hearts almost every moment. Therefore, choosing a name for them is also a big thing for us and for them to have a marvelous identity. Some dog lover just loves funny dog names and these people share the same sentiment with gambling lover as well.

On that note, there are some nice poker names one could choose from. A lot of gambling nicknames are available and you mustn’t face any tussle to choose a name for your pet. Let’s roll the dice and see if we can get a good name for your pet.


This name must have just rung a bell we reckon. It’s a name that is very popular at most gambling and sports betting platforms. In gambling if you want to place a bet on a horse or maybe its football then surely the only place you can go to make a bet is a bookie then you can hand someone who will be there your bet. And if your bet wins then you will get your payouts from the bookie as well.

Big Bertha

This is aa pretty nice and funny gambling dog name and it is very common than you think. In most cases big bertha is linked with a slot machine that encompasses multiple reels. And if you are fortunate every time you play multiple reels then there is no other place to look for the name of your pet. Big Bertha is actually available for you to pick.

There are quite a lot of gambling nicknames that you can also give to your pet. What you can only do is to choose the one will amuse you and create a good relationship with your amazing pet. If you want you can play usa online casino games and it will be sitting right next to you and share the fun moment together as you win real money.