Kerry Packer  Kerry Packer was born in Sydney on 17 December 1937. He was an Australian media tycoon and was one of the world’s greatest gamblers. He was renowned for gambling away up to $200 million and in the casino industry this type of gambler is known as a whale. He was also extremely generous, and unlike many high rollers he did not expect casino bosses to jump through hoops for him, his requests were minimal with nice rooms for himself and his entourage and a vacant table waiting for him.

Packers Gambling career

Packer not only gambled in casinos, and no doubt tried his luck online at and other online casino destinations but with his marriage as well. He had extramarital affairs with several women including the model Carol Lopes who reportedly committed suicide after being shunned by him.

Packer gambled for stakes that kick-started the adrenal glands of even the most jaded casino executives. Gambling was Kerry Packer’s passion, and due to no lack of money, he could wager stakes as high as the moon and be known as a hit and run player because he generally quit while he was ahead. He was a brilliant entrepreneur, an astute stock market investor and a ruthless and aggressive negotiator who terrorised casinos.

It is reported he once lost 28.2 million in Blackjack losses to a London Casino and later that year the Bellagio raked in 33.3 million of his cash. He was also a very generous man and would often give his entourage a $100 000 bankroll. Another memorable occasion highlighting Packer’s generosity was when he paid off a waitress’s mortgage. Did he play on jeux de casino enligne and the like too, I wonder. Furthermore, on a separate occasion he noticed a Blackjack dealer was moved from the high limit pit to a regular pit, Packer placed $20 000 bets on each spot and told the dealer he could keep all the winnings from that round.

He finally passed away on the 26 December 2005 from kidney failure nine days after his 68th birthday. Terry Packer lived life to the fullest, and his legacy will live on for years to come.

What to look for in an online casino  In decades past, going to the casino involved actually physically getting on your gladrags and heading to a bricks and mortar establishment. Of course there’s much to be said about getting the in-person experience and atmosphere of a ‘real world’ casino. We now live in 2021 thought and so have a myriad of online options to hand. This certainly has the convenience factor to it and the variety of casino games available online is quite something to behold. This is especially true in the area of slots; if you can imagine an idea or theme it likely exists. And so when so many websites at your fingertips how best to go about finding the  best online casinos ? Well there are numerous options available in helps to make a decision that’s the most financially rewarding.

One aspect to look out for is bonus offers. Casino sites really want your custom and it’s a very competitive environment for them. As such you’ll often see free spins (on slots, or occasionally roulette) offers for new players and even existing ones. A hefty welcome bonus also awaits you on some casino websites. There can be requirements attached it so it’s important to read the small print, but some of these bonuses can certainly be fairly substantial, which is a good way to make a winning start to your casino sessions. Casino sites with sports betting areas also sometimes offer free bets or ‘bet boosts’, so they’re worth keeping an eye out for too.

But back to the actual nuts and bolts of casinos and namely my slots point. While bricks and mortar casinos often have a good range, as stated  best online slots real money really do go the extra mile as a worthy alternative. There is likely a slots game out there relating to your favourite TV show, movies, celebrity, band, the list goes on. Along with that are the Classics (Rainbow Riches and the like) as well as new games by the bucketload. It’s so easy for online casinos to update their offerings that for the slots aficionados amongst us there is always something new and interesting to play every week.

How to go to the Casino during lockdown!  It’s a strange time right now for most. Depending on where you live you may well you lounging around at your favourite cafe or bar, or in a state of complete lockdown! Unfortunately for lots of European countries the latter is the case and we’re all inside twiddling our thumbs and waiting fot a brighter day to come. Hopefully the vaccination program will bring that, but in the meantime it could be said that we’re at something of a loose end. So what to do? Some of us no doubt took on new hobbies like cooking or having a movie night to liven the days up. Others a daily walk to keep themselves sane!

It’s led to people having to rethink what’s important to them and how to put ‘workarounds’ in place to make life at least somewhat similar to how it was pre-pandemic. Really for our own sanity we need to do this, as people really aren’t designed to just shut down for months or even years on end. We are especially missing out of the ‘community’ and ‘crowd’ based activities now and for some (like crowds at a football match) it can be hard to replicate that atmosphere. For others people, people have found their own ‘next best thing’ or substitute that works well for them. I’ve found myself in that position too.

So, what of those activities we all used to know and love. One of my personal favourites was an occasional trip to the casino with my brothers or cousins. it was a family tradition of sorts with accompanying highs and lows that always made it an eventful time. A couple of us would gravitate towards the roulette table, others three card poker and we’d all have a story to tell (some good, some bad!) by the end of the night. So what to do now? Well all is not lost really, with the likes of Online Casino Bluebook and other online casino sites available to play from the comfort of your own home.

Online casino play has always been a popular and useful option but right now it’s really come int its own. I don’t exactly live right next to a casino and so it’s the type of situation where convenience wins out and I can play the top casino games in comfortable and familiar surroundings. An advantage of online play too is that they can so easily add new games overnight and they are available to play for all of their customers. This is especially true I find of slots options. Many online casino sites offer a staggering array of different slots games on every theme under the sun, to the point where ‘offline’ casinos struggle to compete.

So, it’s a relief really that the casino experience can be (and indeed has been) relatively easily recreated in an online environment. All of the games we know are love are still present – and then some. Slots, roulette, poker, it’s all there. There is a contrast with sport here in that for now the atmosphere of a crowd at, say, Premier League football matches has been lost, and in the UK the Grand National was last year cancelled in favour of a ‘virtual’ version, which certainly didn’t work great due to the history of form of real horses not factoring in. So really for us casino fans, we’re lucky that even when we can’t go to a bricks and mortar casino, we conveniently have our casino fix just the click of a mouse away. So whether your preference is the spin of a roulette wheel, or the bright lights and sounds of a slot machine, there is still no stopping you! Enjoy!

Snowed In!  We had some snow here today and the weather forecast seems to suggest we might have even more on the way. I had rather hoped that like some kind of Charles Dickens novel, I was going to open the door on Christmas Day to see a picture postcard view that puts my snow globe to shame. Sadly though that wasn’t to be and we are instead in danger of being snowed in, in mid January!

If that does happen one concern of mine is that it’ll be living my own ‘Dancing on Ice’ as I always seem to have far less balance than other people when I’m out and about and it’s snowy or icy. Another is that our locked down world will get even smaller. Still, there is a whole world online nowadays, and besides, in some countries they have this weather much more frequently than we do. I’m sure the average Canadian for instance, especially those into casino games, is making a beeline for jeux de casino en argent réel as soon as the weather takes a turn for the worse, rather than complaining.

Interestingly, a good friend of mine recently moved to Canada, and he really seems to have taken to the place, even suddenly becoming an ardent ice hockey fan. I’m half expecting to hear that he’s considering becoming a lumberjack! I’d love to visit but travel plans have currently been kicked down the road for a few months, so such bright ideas get ‘put on ice’. My pal is an ardent casino fan too, and like me he’s more likely to be found on or other casino sites than the bricks and mortar variety.

So whatever the weather come tomorrow, I’ll endevour to make myself useful. And it sounds like it’ll either by falling on my ass outside much to the amusement of others, or killing some time playing slots or poker on one of my favourite online casino sites!