Casino Characters  I long for the day I can return to a bricks and mortar casino. They’re all shut here for now and so such an aspiration is currently a complete non starter, but hopefully a few months down the line that situation will change again.

So what it is about these venues that holds appeal, when online venues like cancasinos and the like offer such a wide range of games right from the comfort of your home? Well, don’t get my wrong, online casino sites are my ‘go to’ and often offer a great range of bonuses and games to play, but it’s good to mix things up too and bricks and mortar casinos offer such a variety of environments and characters that there is never a dull moment.

I often enjoy a bit of people watching at our local casino, and let me tell you, there’s is always something or someone that turns heads. My favourite type of player just has to be the ‘hoverer’ ; the patron who certainly doesn’t require a chair and instead endlessly flits between roulette tables ‘lumping on’ as the wheel is mid spin. Bizarrely they almost never seem to win, and so it’s like they possess the very opposite of a sixth sense. Other types of players of note are the stony faced individuals who have the exact same facial expression regardless of whether they’ve won or lost a fortune. Botox perhaps? Along the same lines the ‘It has to be red!’ crew who haunt the roulette wheel waiting for a run of blacks (or reds), convinced that the results somehow have a bearing on the next spin and their colour of choice will come rolling in. Come to think about it, the majority of a casinos characters are roulette players.

But all things considered the ‘real world’ and online experience also have a lot in common. They both offer a dizzying variety of slots, roulette, card and casino games in general (with online casinos having an especially broad range of frequently updated games). They both also require the right temperament, as well as the sensible setting of limits and having a fun approach to gambling. So whatever your casino game of choice, and wherever you intend to play, have fun!

G'Day Mate  I’ve never been to Australia but I wouldn’t precisely be able to tell you why that is. The distance obviously factors in, but I have been to Japan which isn’t a world away  so that’s no excuse.  I’d also have an interest in visiting New Zealand so that would be an opportunity to ‘kill two birds with one stone’ should I have put plans in place. Plenty of friends have had  their own Aussie experience and loved it.  Weirdly Australian soaps (Neighbours and Home & Away) were massively popular here when I was growing up too, and so I intrinsically do feel at least some kind of connection to the country.

One thing I do know about Australians from my Aussie friends here though is that they love a good gamble. Whenever there’s a card game on the go with a bit of financial interest they are first in line!  And they are often telling me their casino stories of real money pokies and the like. Maybe there is a bit more of an upfront, daredevil attitude with Australians compared to more reserved nations . There is always good humour with it too, and so a healthy approach to fun!

All of that sunshine certainly can’t do our Aussie mates any harm either. None of those dull and rainy days and instead an almost perpetual Vitamin D dream of sun, sea and sand. It brings about a more positive outlook which certainly can’t hurt in life. There is no need to escape to sunnier climbs in winter months for Aussies considering that they experience good weather more than most anyway.

But of course life can’t always be lived outdoors, and as such especially in these tricky covid times indoor hobbies certainly have their place to. And as I said having a healthy ‘flutter’ can be a good option. Having a few spins of the roulette wheel or on the slots at online casino Australia can sometimes be the order of the day! We all need a break from the day today and our Aussie mates are no different in that regard!




2021: Groundhog Day  I think many of us imagined that we’d wake up on January 1st 2021 and the world would have turned a corner on the more nightmarish components of 2020. No such luck though, as we’re stuck in the same mad mix of lockdowns and new variants with a springing of Stateside insanity thrown in for good measure of late. So, we’ve woken up to more of the same essentially. Let us hope that we can vaccinate our way out of this Groundhog Day experience.

For those not in the know, Groundhog Day is a fantastic Harold Ramis movie from the early 90s starring Bill Murray and Andie MacDowell. The premise is that the character played by Murray wakes up to the exact same day again and again. Many came to see it as an apt metaphor for  reincarnation and the idea that we are reincarnated again and again until we find enlightenment. Within the movie the central character came to approach each day fearlessly.

Perhaps we should  all be adopting a similar attitude to an extent, as for many of us we’re living the same day, again and again, to the point that its much of a muchness. The central problem of course is that communities are essentially in lockdown. The local Casino that I used to enjoy frequenting has ‘shut up shop’ and so unless I’m going to get handy with a monkey wrench that’s a non starter. Much of life has moved online though, from shopping to education, and casinos are no different. More than ever playing online pokies real money is a welcome distraction from the trying times we’re in.

So as the early months of 2021 tick by, instead of focusing on the’ South African variant’, I’d be less inclined to dwell and more likely to play online slots South Africa. Most of us have a lot of time on our hands right now and so taking up a hobby or pastime (again online options like gaming perhaps, or going for walks locally) to distract from some of the more concerning realities is your best bet for having a good time right now!



Your Game of Choice?  It’s funny how we all have our own specific approach to the casino. With so many casino games on offer (roulette, blackjack, craps, baccarat, keno, the list goes on) and even tonnes of variants of certain popular games like Poker, you’d never know to look at someone which table they will make  a beeline for when they burst through the door. I have to confess for that the most part I’m a roulette man. It’s ths simplicity of it combined with the biding your time aspect to things. When your luck is in on the roulette wheel you simple feel like they can’t go wrong. When on the other hand its a slog, it’s a case of be patient and hang on in there.

My specific approach is to stick with maybe 2 or 3 numbers come what may. Sometimes this pays dividends, sometimes not but that’s how I play. On occasions I go the red or black route but its not my go-to method of play. To some of course this approach would bore them half to death. You know the types, those who lunge in at a roulette wheel scattering chips here, there and everywhere like their life depends on it, then has no reaction whatever ever regardless of the result. And let’s not forget the types who suddenly appear with a stack of clicks on one number of colour, then seem to almost disappear before the result has even come in.

We often head to the casino with our cousins, and they wouldn’t be seen dead on a roulette wheel. For them it’s all about three card poker and they’d had some pretty wild winning and losing runs over the years. Of course in today’s world there isn’t even any necessity to even heading to the casino to begin with as it can all be done online from the comfort of your own home. Even so, its definitely worth ever now and again heading to a bricks and mortar establishment if only to see the variety of approaches and funny characters that are all around you while you’re in such a place.