Casino License – Every Casino Should Have Online gambling has grown to become a popular activity in most parts of the globe, engaging more and more people. Considering that games and bonuses are advertised as the centre of attention, most players indulge in casino services without too much concern on other areas.

With so many gaming platforms offered online, it is quite possible for a punter to land in the hands of a rogue establishment, which runs off with deposits or makes it impossible to collect or withdraw payouts. Players usually pay attention to the licensing information only when something goes wrong. Once safety and security become the central focus, the casino license goes from being just another plus to a trivial factor.

Understanding What a License Is

Gambling licenses are often preached in the online world, especially to players looking to choose an ideal gambling website like Vulkan online casino. These licenses are seals of approval that are issued to confirm that several standards have been met alongside special requirements to ensure the safety of players. Therefore, when playing online roulette at VulkanVegas, players can rest assured that their safety is in the minds of casino operators thanks to its license.

Each casino license has varying rules and regulations depending on the country they are issued in. With numerous jurisdictions that support the gaming business, each one has a body to regulate the sector, and they function as independently as a national constitution. However, most of them work to combat similar issues such as:

  • Money laundering

  • Verification of players through an account creation

  • Protection of minors from indulging in gambling activities

To ensure that a gaming site has the necessary measures to avoid such occurrences, they are taken through a series of tests that scrutinise the systems used to run games and other real money services. The casino owners also have background checks conducted to ensure that the sources of their cash are legitimate and that they are capable of offering random and fair services. This process is usually long and extensive, and it drags on even after the gambling dens have received their licenses. Failure to comply with these terms makes it impossible to get a permit.

Licensing institutions are crucial in the online gambling world as they invoke some order in how the industry runs. In regions where there are no licensing bodies, parties can open up gaming clubs, share client information as they please, and engage in crimes like money laundering without the threat of repercussions. License providers stand to protect both the players and casinos.

The Best Licensing Firms

The operation of a gambling site with a license is a plus, but the kind of permit also matters. There are plenty of countries that grant licenses to online casinos, and they are not all the same. The best casino licensing institutions include:

  • The UK Gambling Commission

The UKGC, also simply known as the Gambling Commission, is paraded as the most legitimate of all online casino licensing bodies. The body is responsible for the regulation and supervision of gambling in the United Kingdom. It encompasses all forms of gaming that involve luck which include slot machines, casino games, bingo, arcade sets, and sports betting. The UKGC came to rise in 2005 and has since become famous among casinos and players for applying stringent rules that rally for the safety and security of both parties.

The UK Gambling Commission has several regulations and roles that make it the best of the best. It is vigilant in preventing the gambling industry from becoming a disorder and crime platform while ensuring the sector remains fair and open. Also, it is an adamant crusader against underage gambling. Going against the practice has seen numerous casinos pay hefty fines or having their licenses revoked for harbouring clients below the legal gambling age of 18.

  • Malta Gaming Authority

The MGA oversees gambling in the small European nation of Malta. This institution has been running since 2001, and it is recognised for being among the first gambling regulating bodies to offer licenses. This policy has since been adopted by nearly all licensing institutions and helps keep a closer eye on the gambling dens in each jurisdiction. The MGA also has a solid reputation for its client care team that has helped resolve thousands of disputes between punters and casinos over the years.

Parting Shot

The licensing information is an element that is mandatory with every reputable gambling establishment. Players should never overlook this factor since it comes in handy in proving the fairness of the provided services and aids when issues arise with gaming sites.

How Online Casino Filters Work in Finding the Best Online Casino Slots Finding the best online casino slots for your needs and specifications can be hard. Especially considering the fact that there are thousands of online slots to pick from.

Well, online casinos filters might just be the solution you need. They will make your search for the best online slot a lot easier for you.

Here is a guide on the whole online casino filters concept. Not forgetting how you can actually use it to help you get the best slot games online.

What Are Online Slots Filters

Online Slots Filters are the different ways you can cut down on your online slots options. For example, if you like vampire slots, you can use the vampire slots filter.

In turn, it will provide you with a more time convenient list to help you. Always count on online casinos for the best gaming experience.

You might not be aware but most online casinos such as have different filters you can make use of. Which is why we always advise you to always pay attention. Even to those little bits of information.

How to Use the Filters

Here are a few ways you can use some of these helpful casino slot filters to get the best online gambling experience:

Software Providers

We all know that there is always the best in every category. When it comes to online casinos, NetEnt, Playtech and Betsoft, are some of the software gurus in the industry.

But, it is always up to you and your preference. Hence, you can just filter the game selection by the gaming provider. In turn, you will get a narrowed list depending on your favourite games and you can start spinning your way to real money.

Popular Games

You can always count on fellow online casino gamblers to know of the best game. Especially, the games that give you the best chance at winning real money. The games have to be popular for something. And it is your place to find out, do not miss out on winning opportunities.

The wacky world of casino gambling strategies We’re not all built as equals when it comes to accurately predicting the outcome of events, and that true of the casino too, whether online or at online casinos UK. That doesn’t stop us thinking that we each follow the right approach to gambling though. Sometimes this outlook can lead to some useful places, and at other times comical. Take the Martingale approach for instance, most often associated with the game of roulette. The strategy, oft used within roulette, essentially involves betting on either red or black, then doubling up each time you lose until such time that you win, at which point you return to your original stake. This can ensure that you make gradual gains and avoid loses.

However, it’s not foolproof by any means. Let’s not forget that there can be incredible runs of a single colour coming up on a roulette wheel, and if you’re unfortunate enough to have bet on the other colour, a $10 bet is soon a $20 bet, a $20 a $40, $80, $160, $320 the trend goes on. In fact it only takes being wrong 18 times, to be betting $1 million+ per spin. Most would obviously lose their nerve by that point, especially when considering the original bet was to win just $10. FYI, the record for the most number of time in a row one colour has come up is a staggering 32 (way back in 1943)!

Another betting strategy that made waves is card counting, this one however has plenty going for it so is a favourite of WiserGamblers. Card counting is a blackjack strategy that was arrived at by the boffins of MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) and it involves a player attributing a value to and keeping a tally of certain cards. From there it’s possible to ascertain which cards are more likely to come up for the player and dealer, which tips the already slim house advantage in the direction of the player. Casinos have taken steps to curtail this activity now, but for a while those ‘in the know’ used card counting to earn many millions of dollars. It even became the stuff of movies in form of features like ’21’.

So there are certainly differences in how people approach gambling. Some opt for high risk strategies whereas others take a more shrewd outlook. Whatever strategy you use when you play casino games either online or off, make sure you enjoy yourself along the way!

Top 5 Slot Games Themed Around Irish Luck

It’s often said there’s something lucky about the Irish. So, it’s hardly surprising that so many online slot games are around themed around the Emerald Isle these days. Browse any casino’s slot catalogue and you’ll find hundreds of games stuffed with shamrocks, leprechauns and big pots of gold.

With so many to choose from, picking which to spin can be tricky. But don’t worry. As St. Patrick’s Day is coming up soon, we’ve joined forced with bgo to shortlist the top 5 slot games themed around the luck of the Irish.

Rest assured we’ve chosen Irish slots which come from the best casino software providers and showcase the best graphics, bonus features and win potential. You can check them out in the infographic below. Fancy a spin? All are ready to play on your PC, tablet or smartphone at the online casino today.