Well, it is not a secret that our little pooches capture our hearts almost every moment. Therefore, choosing a name for them is also a big thing for us and for them to have a marvelous identity. Some dog lover just loves funny dog names and these people share the same sentiment with gambling lover as well.

On that note, there are some nice poker names one could choose from. A lot of gambling nicknames are available and you mustn’t face any tussle to choose a name for your pet. Let’s roll the dice and see if we can get a good name for your pet.


This name must have just rung a bell we reckon. It’s a name that is very popular at most gambling and sports betting platforms. In gambling if you want to place a bet on a horse or maybe its football then surely the only place you can go to make a bet is a bookie then you can hand someone who will be there your bet. And if your bet wins then you will get your payouts from the bookie as well.

Big Bertha

This is aa pretty nice and funny gambling dog name and it is very common than you think. In most cases big bertha is linked with a slot machine that encompasses multiple reels. And if you are fortunate every time you play multiple reels then there is no other place to look for the name of your pet. Big Bertha is actually available for you to pick.

There are quite a lot of gambling nicknames that you can also give to your pet. What you can only do is to choose the one will amuse you and create a good relationship with your amazing pet. If you want you can play usa online casino games and it will be sitting right next to you and share the fun moment together as you win real money.

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