I’ve never been to Australia but I wouldn’t precisely be able to tell you why that is. The distance obviously factors in, but I have been to Japan which isn’t a world away  so that’s no excuse.  I’d also have an interest in visiting New Zealand so that would be an opportunity to ‘kill two birds with one stone’ should I have put plans in place. Plenty of friends have had  their own Aussie experience and loved it.  Weirdly Australian soaps (Neighbours and Home & Away) were massively popular here when I was growing up too, and so I intrinsically do feel at least some kind of connection to the country.

One thing I do know about Australians from my Aussie friends here though is that they love a good gamble. Whenever there’s a card game on the go with a bit of financial interest they are first in line!  And they are often telling me their casino stories of real money pokies and the like. Maybe there is a bit more of an upfront, daredevil attitude with Australians compared to more reserved nations . There is always good humour with it too, and so a healthy approach to fun!

All of that sunshine certainly can’t do our Aussie mates any harm either. None of those dull and rainy days and instead an almost perpetual Vitamin D dream of sun, sea and sand. It brings about a more positive outlook which certainly can’t hurt in life. There is no need to escape to sunnier climbs in winter months for Aussies considering that they experience good weather more than most anyway.

But of course life can’t always be lived outdoors, and as such especially in these tricky covid times indoor hobbies certainly have their place to. And as I said having a healthy ‘flutter’ can be a good option. Having a few spins of the roulette wheel or on the slots at online casino Australia can sometimes be the order of the day! We all need a break from the day today and our Aussie mates are no different in that regard!




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