Playing in an online casino should be fun and bring enjoyment, but it can also be a stressful experience, especially when you try to navigate the sheer endless barrage of bonus offers. There are a ton of sites where you can inform yourself about offers, such as Finnish-language page and many more.

But what does a comparison site help if you don’t even know which kind of bonus best suits your needs? There are a bunch of different possibilities and not every bonus fits every type of player, so why not have a look at the different options?

No deposit bonus

The holy grail of online casino bonuses and an increasingly elusive type of offer. This bonus offers you free spins or some extra cash just for registering or sometimes even as a sign of gratitude for your loyalty at an online casino. Free cash or free spins with no deposit needed – what’s not to like?

Well, as mentioned, this kind of bonus is increasingly rare and more often than not it comes with some pretty nasty strings attached. First of all, you’ll be lucky to find an offer that exceeds a measly 10 or 20 free spins or €10, but you don’t look a gift horse in the mouth as they say.

You should though, since the devil hides in the detail as it so often happens with offers that seem to good to be true. Most of the time, the wagering requirements for no deposit bonus offers are even higher than they are for regular bonuses, making it very hard to ever wager your winnings enough times to be able to withdraw them.

And even if you’re lucky enough to meet the wagering requirements, withdrawal limits are often imposed, so you can’t withdraw more than the initial worth of the bonus if you’re really unlucky or €100 in case you get lucky.

Imagine being super lucky with your free spins, winning thousands, meeting the wagering requirements and then only be able to withdraw a disappointingly low amount of cash. We only recommend this kind of bonus for casual players who are looking to try out some games. Should you be on the hunt for big wins – move along.

Free spin bonus

Online casinos love giving out free spins on top of a required deposit. Normally those bonuses are either part of a welcome offer, a way to make you aware of a certain promotion or just a possibility for you to try out a fresh new game.

The free spin bonus is a nice option if slots are your thing, because you get the free spins on top of your deposit and still have your cash to play with. Sometimes the demanded minimum deposit to qualify for free spins is a little on the high side and you shouldn’t forget about wagering requirements either.

But overall, free spins are a nice possibility to get into a new game or get some extra spins on an old favourite.

Deposit bonus

Last but not least, there’s one of the most common online casino bonuses. With a deposit bonus, you’ll get a certain extra percentage on a deposit you might’ve wanted to make anyway.

In the most favourable cases you can double or even triple a deposit like that, but more often than not, you’re looking at an extra 25% or 50% on top of your initial deposit. It’s still a nice opportunity to boost your bankroll and this bonus is recommended for players who want to decide for themselves in which games they want to use their extra.

But there are still those pesky wagering requirements to consider which is why the most sensible thing to do if you want to play for big wins is, to skip bonuses entirely.

If you want to increase your playing time however and are looking into a possibility to increase your bankroll or try out a new game, however, bonuses are a great way to get a little extra.

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