It’s a strange time right now for most. Depending on where you live you may well you lounging around at your favourite cafe or bar, or in a state of complete lockdown! Unfortunately for lots of European countries the latter is the case and we’re all inside twiddling our thumbs and waiting fot a brighter day to come. Hopefully the vaccination program will bring that, but in the meantime it could be said that we’re at something of a loose end. So what to do? Some of us no doubt took on new hobbies like cooking or having a movie night to liven the days up. Others a daily walk to keep themselves sane!

It’s led to people having to rethink what’s important to them and how to put ‘workarounds’ in place to make life at least somewhat similar to how it was pre-pandemic. Really for our own sanity we need to do this, as people really aren’t designed to just shut down for months or even years on end. We are especially missing out of the ‘community’ and ‘crowd’ based activities now and for some (like crowds at a football match) it can be hard to replicate that atmosphere. For others people, people have found their own ‘next best thing’ or substitute that works well for them. I’ve found myself in that position too.

So, what of those activities we all used to know and love. One of my personal favourites was an occasional trip to the casino with my brothers or cousins. it was a family tradition of sorts with accompanying highs and lows that always made it an eventful time. A couple of us would gravitate towards the roulette table, others three card poker and we’d all have a story to tell (some good, some bad!) by the end of the night. So what to do now? Well all is not lost really, with the likes of Online Casino Bluebook and other online casino sites available to play from the comfort of your own home.

Online casino play has always been a popular and useful option but right now it’s really come int its own. I don’t exactly live right next to a casino and so it’s the type of situation where convenience wins out and I can play the top casino games in comfortable and familiar surroundings. An advantage of online play too is that they can so easily add new games overnight and they are available to play for all of their customers. This is especially true I find of slots options. Many online casino sites offer a staggering array of different slots games on every theme under the sun, to the point where ‘offline’ casinos struggle to compete.

So, it’s a relief really that the casino experience can be (and indeed has been) relatively easily recreated in an online environment. All of the games we know are love are still present – and then some. Slots, roulette, poker, it’s all there. There is a contrast with sport here in that for now the atmosphere of a crowd at, say, Premier League football matches has been lost, and in the UK the Grand National was last year cancelled in favour of a ‘virtual’ version, which certainly didn’t work great due to the history of form of real horses not factoring in. So really for us casino fans, we’re lucky that even when we can’t go to a bricks and mortar casino, we conveniently have our casino fix just the click of a mouse away. So whether your preference is the spin of a roulette wheel, or the bright lights and sounds of a slot machine, there is still no stopping you! Enjoy!

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