As a new Casino player, AT had read about many other players’ successes and couldn’t help but dream of becoming one of them. In the end, he managed to achieve his dream with the help of his lucky charm, a black Labrador named Olive.

With only a few casino experiences under his belt, mostly on cruise ships, he was completely new to online casinos. Nonetheless, the 80 extra chances the online Casino offered for its Welcome Bonus attracted him to try an online casino. After signing up for Casino less than a week earlier, AT sat on his bed after work, playing the Mega Moolah progressive slot machine.

A Labrador Called Olive

As Olive watched his every move, he felt the presence of his lucky charm. Once he landed a few free spins on the game, he decided to keep playing, and that’s when the big win happened!

As a result, AT realized Olive wasn’t only his best friend, but also his biggest luck charm as he stood to win a much bigger prize — $37,386. Despite her black coat, this Labrador has white paws. She was snuggling with him on the bed and so they won together.

The winner is already planning a lot for his winnings, and Olive is of course included in that. The first of many new things to come for her is a new bed and a new coat. Additionally, he will spend some money on his house and take a trip to Europe, so it sounds like this win is going to benefit Olive as well. The player gave other players some tips as well.

Use the free spins and take advantage of the promotions. Its fun and the possibilities of winning are great. You just have to keep trying. That’s all there is to it. Continue to try, and you may just succeed.

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