These days there are so many different games to choose from for gamblers pursuing their passion in the casino, and although this is usually a good thing sometimes it can get somewhat overwhelming. This is true of brick and mortar casinos, however the problem is intensified even more on online casino sites, where the scope of games you can play is crazy.

This overwhelming choice is more of a problem for beginners though, as experienced gamblers will quickly realise what game suits them best. Regardless, we thought we would compile a list of the most popular casino games in order to give any gambling beginners out there a helping hand when it comes to choosing a game to play. Once you have a game that suits you, we suggest a convenient way to pay by mobile at Umbingo.


Slots were only invented at the tail end of the 1800s, and it took a good few decades for them to enter the genuine casino domain, but already they are one of the most popular casino games out there. The great thing about slots is that, unlike some other casino games, the software developers are constantly making sure that they are evolving with the times.

That’s why we have online slots today, of course, as well as some elaborately complex video slots available to play in casinos across the world. And the statistics don’t lie when it comes to slots, especially online slots: there are more gamblers playing them in 2020 than every other casino game put together!


Oh how we wish we were alive when roulette was first invented back in the 1800s, as it captured people’s imaginations to such an extent that in many ways the game was responsible for the world’s first super casinos across Central Europe. It is hard to top the excitement generated by watching that ball fly around the wheel, especially if you happen to be playing with a nice group of people.

One disclaimer that we have to include here in regard to roulette is that you should always play the European version over American roulette. The reason why? The US version has one extra zero pocket on the wheel, and this actually doubles the house edge, meaning that you are twice as unlikely to win.


Blackjack has been proven to be the oldest casino game that is still played today, with the classic card game having been referenced in texts as far back as the 16th Century. Moreover, gambling historians have also uncovered instances of playing card tablets way more than a thousand years ago, something else pointing to blackjack being around far longer than we may think.

In the casino blackjack is so popular because of its relatively simple rules, and also because if you are mathematically astute enough you can abide by certain rules that can really increase your chances of winning. This is essentially what blackjack card counting is: keeping tabs of the cards that are dealt, and using simple mathematics to deduce what cards are left from that.

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