Top 5 Slot Games Themed Around Irish Luck

It’s often said there’s something lucky about the Irish. So, it’s hardly surprising that so many online slot games are around themed around the Emerald Isle these days. Browse any casino’s slot catalogue and you’ll find hundreds of games stuffed with shamrocks, leprechauns and big pots of gold.

With so many to choose from, picking which to spin can be tricky. But don’t worry. As St. Patrick’s Day is coming up soon, we’ve joined forced with bgo to shortlist the top 5 slot games themed around the luck of the Irish.

Rest assured we’ve chosen Irish slots which come from the best casino software providers and showcase the best graphics, bonus features and win potential. You can check them out in the infographic below. Fancy a spin? All are ready to play on your PC, tablet or smartphone at the online casino today.


Louis Theroux is a world famous documentary maker, and over the course of his career he’s approached individuals and topics ranging from wacky to deadly serious. His ‘Gambling in Las Vegas’ documentary was something of a half way house in terms of the how it turned out. there was no shying away from the highs and lows of gambling in Vegas, but also many moments had a comedic touch to them. Here Louis is shown around a high roller’s fully comped, spacious hotel suite.

Casino Games - Video Poker Video poker is a variation of 5-card poker where players use a machine similar to a slot machine to play the game. Video poker was introduced in the 1970’s but became popular as technological advancements made the game more visually pleasing and more exciting for players. Unlike real poker where the player can only change a single card of the five dealt, in video poker players can change all five cards if they do not like the hand they have received.

After inserting money into the machine, players can begin by pressing the deal button which then deals them their five cards from a virtual deck. The minimum hand for pay tables is a pair of jacks which pays even money. The rest of the hands in video poker are similar to real poker including a straight, flush, full house, straight flush and a royal flush. Video poker has been exported all over the world, and is a fun game for casual arcade and casino goers.

There are even online casinos that offer video poker with a progressive jackpot. In playing on those, a player can win up to $100,000 if their luck is in, depending on the progressive jackpot.

Quick Casino Tips Steps to Consider Before Joining Online Casinos:

Online Casino players are never short of options when it comes to online casinos. There are a vast array of casinos that accept players from all walks of life and permit them to play in their own currency. Nevertheless, choosing the best online casinos especially for players starting off is quite a challenge.

Quite often newer gambling will find it more difficult than experienced players when finding legitimate, trustworthy or the best online casinos to play at. Once players carefully register & join the best online casino, they can safely be sure of high quality, entertaining, reliable, and lucrative online casino gaming experience.

Licensing: Legalities of Casinos

Before registering at any online casino, it’s important that players first determine that the casino is licensed, making them legal online casinos in their country. Licensing info is often visible on the casino website (at the site footer), and to verify this, you can check by visiting the official site of the gambling jurisdiction to enquire if that specific online casino is really licensed there or faking it. Why is this so important? For starters, just like in currency exchange trading, a licensed online casino is the preferred place to play at because it will be monitored, well-regulated & governed by the strict acceptable standards of online casino gambling.

Which Casino Software?

Choosing online casino software. The next step Players should consider is to check if the chosen online casino using the best or reputable online casino gaming software. Why? Because reputable software is everything to your gambling fate… not even the website or casino design! Put plainly, we should be naïve to what’s out there… if you’re betting hard earned money, at least get your full money’s worth on non-tampered with gaming software and not on unknown or a fly by night & mickey mouse software.

The dominating, trusted, famous & leading online casinos are provided by developers such as Playtech, Microgaming, Real Time Gaming (RTG) and others. At times online casinos develop their software in-house and in this case, they call it proprietary software. Bottom Line: If they aren’t regulated by & accountable to a higher governing body or not licensed, then they can eat up all your money without even giving player the time of day or any chance to win or at least enjoy the casino experience. We’ve seen this with another market, Forex, where Forex traders in South Africa were scammed all their hard-earned money through unregulated applications / software.

Casino Promotions & Games

You will often find that online casinos that are powered by reputable & the best casino gaming software out there, offer generous deposit bonuses or even free no-deposit bonuses, great loyalty programs, a vast variety of known, trusted & reliable payment options etc.

The number & types of casino games available also depends on which casino software that is featured. For instance, RTG or Playtech gaming software run on casinos may offer some branded & exciting casino games which you will not find at online casinos that run different software or their own software. Saying that, a standard offer across all casinos are certain game categories such as the usual card games, table games, video slots, video poker & traditional poker games etc.

Customer Care

The best Customer Service/Help Desk in this post are those available 24/7 365 days a year with excellent & instant contact facilities like real time & instant Live Chat, Email, and telephone.