Casino Games - Baccarat  Baccarat is one of the most popular-if not the most popular-casino games. There are three variations of the game namely; punto banco, baccarat banque and baccarat chemmy. Punto banco is the most played of the three. In the game, players’ moves are determined by the cards dealt to them.


The game is played between the banker and player such that their cards are compared. Each round of play can give one of three outcomes;
player, banker or tie. The game has a long history spanning from the 15th century when it was famous in France after being imported from Italy.


Cards in baccarat are valued using a point system which drops the ten in a total card value that exceeds nine. For instance, a card
value of 14 would be 4. The high cards stating from the jack have a value of zero.


The game has taken over as one of the most played in Macau casinos and accounted for 88% of their  stash in 2017.

The Bellagio Casino Resort, Las Vegas  The Bellagio hotel is one of the resorts you can stay at when you want to enjoy some of the luxuries to found in Las Vegas. The luxury
hotel, resort and casino is conveniently located at the Las Vegas Strip. The Bellagio started welcoming guests in 1998, with 4,000 suites available. At the time, the hotel replaced the iconic Dunes hotel which was demolished.


Since it was opened, the Bellagio has established itself as a resort offering the elegance at its best. Food choices include cuisines from
all across the world with restaurants such as Picasso, Jasmine, and Yellowtail Japanese Restaurant among others.


The best poker players prefer to play at the Bellagio poker room, which is regarded one of the most famous places to play poker in Vegas. A
lot of poker aficionados regard it as their main playing ground mostly because of the significantly higher table limits. The hotel also partners with World Poker Tour and hosts tournament events frequently.