There is one thing that you simply cannot deny about us humans, however much we love the constant search for progress and overall betterment, it is still incredibly hard to resist the art of cheating. This is something that has been true since the very earliest days of homo-sapiens – there are always those of us that fall to the temptation to the easy route of success, the main reason why there have been people cheating at various things since the dawn of time. Sport is, by and large, the place where it is the most obvious – you only have to watch one game of football in the modern world, for instance, to realise this. But cheating is actually prevalent in so many more of life’s domains, in particular with the art of gambling and betting. Don’t believe us? Well just look at the example of the Italian football titans Juventus, who were fined an astronomical sum of money and demoted to the Italian Serie C as a result of match-fixing. Cheating… it’s everywhere alright.

This fact is also why pretty much all casinos across the world spend millions every year on making sure that they are as cheat-proof as possible. Video slots at King Casino are actually subject to some of the heaviest surveillance levels in the whole entire world, not really a surprise when you consider the amount of money they could lose from a successful cheat. And with that amount of money it is also no wonder that there are so many people out to cheat their way to a big old win. Everybody knows how to cheat at some of the more traditional casino table games out there, but it is a lot harder to think up ways to cheat at the slots, especially those that are online. There are ways, however, and although we don’t condone many of them, it is useful to get a grasp of the tactics some people try and use. 

Old School Slot Machine Cheats

Historically it was a lot easier to cheat at the slots back in the mid 20th Century, mainly because slot machines were still completely mechanical and therefore subject to some tactical weaknesses that countless people would try and exploit. For example, one of the most commonly used cheats was to drill a small hole through a coin and thread a thin piece of string through it. In this way you could keep spinning the reels by placing the coin in the machine and then pulling it back out again – genius!

Some better equipped casino cheaters were also known to bring powerful magnets to the slots halls, using them to manipulate the way the reels spun. Even if they landed on a losing combination, it wouldn’t take long to spin the reels so they were all showing the highest paying symbol. Funnily enough people have also been known to physically try and climb into the bigger machines to take the money out by hand, however this rarely finished well it must be said. 

Old School Slot Machine Cheats: Do They Work?

So, you’ve heard about the old school slot machine cheats, but here’s the million dollar question: do they work? Unfortunately the answer to that is a resounding no, mainly because the technology used in the slots market has got indefinitely better. It didn’t take long, for example, for casino authorities to spot the coin on a string trick, and they subsequently changed the coin input system to detect any illegitimate coin behaviour.

The same can be said of using powerful magnets, as this practise was largely rendered useless by new slot machine exteriors that would no longer let the magnets do the dirty work. So, these old school slot machine cheats are no longer really relevant in the 21st Century, but there are other ways people have tried cheating at slots. 

Making Sure You Are Playing The Right Slot

Okay, most of the techniques we are going to explore aren’t exactly classic examples of cheating, mainly because they aren’t actually illegal practises, but can still help you on your way to a win in the same manner that classic cheating would, and who doesn’t want to win on the best real money slots. The main thing to remember, especially in the online slot realm, is that it is incredibly important to choose the right slot to play. Some games are a lot easier to win on then others, and it makes sense to prioritise these as it only serves to increase the probability of claiming a nice amount of cash.

There are a few different factors to consider when trying to find a slot game that gives the best chance of a win, and RTP is certainly the most important. It stands for Return To Player and is given as a percentage that indicates the average return a player can expect from his stake on any online slot game he decides to play. Aim for something above 96% and you will be well on your way!  

Making Full Use of Bonus Rounds

Again, this isn’t really a cheat in the same way that the old school slot machine cheats were, but it will definitely increase your chances of a win. These days, especially in the online slot world, it is the bonus features that will end up being the most lucrative. It therefore follows that any slot gambler worth their salt will pay special attention to the bonus rounds in the slot they are playing.

Some experienced players even play for a while in free mode in order to get an adequate grasp of how the bonus features work. Something we would definitely recommend! 

Counting Average Number Of Spins Before A Win

The art of slot gambling is as much about making use of bonuses as it is simply playing your probabilities correctly, and this is where this next cheat comes in. Basically, if you count the average number of spins before each winning spin you will be in a position where you can place your bets a lot more tactically.

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