It’s funny how we all have our own specific approach to the casino. With so many casino games on offer (roulette, blackjack, craps, baccarat, keno, the list goes on) and even tonnes of variants of certain popular games like Poker, you’d never know to look at someone which table they will make  a beeline for when they burst through the door. I have to confess for that the most part I’m a roulette man. It’s ths simplicity of it combined with the biding your time aspect to things. When your luck is in on the roulette wheel you simple feel like they can’t go wrong. When on the other hand its a slog, it’s a case of be patient and hang on in there.

My specific approach is to stick with maybe 2 or 3 numbers come what may. Sometimes this pays dividends, sometimes not but that’s how I play. On occasions I go the red or black route but its not my go-to method of play. To some of course this approach would bore them half to death. You know the types, those who lunge in at a roulette wheel scattering chips here, there and everywhere like their life depends on it, then has no reaction whatever ever regardless of the result. And let’s not forget the types who suddenly appear with a stack of clicks on one number of colour, then seem to almost disappear before the result has even come in.

We often head to the casino with our cousins, and they wouldn’t be seen dead on a roulette wheel. For them it’s all about three card poker and they’d had some pretty wild winning and losing runs over the years. Of course in today’s world there isn’t even any necessity to even heading to the casino to begin with as it can all be done online from the comfort of your own home. Even so, its definitely worth ever now and again heading to a bricks and mortar establishment if only to see the variety of approaches and funny characters that are all around you while you’re in such a place.



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