Empire Casino, London The sprawling 55,000 square foot casino that is The Casino at The Empire was launched in 2007. After its opening at Leicester square, the casino swiftly took the spot as the largest casino in London and still remains the largest in the city. The venue is run by Caesars Entertainment and has hosted a number of notable events over the years as is customary for a venue of its size.

In addition to being one of the premier gambling spots in the UK, the venue also offers delectable dining choices with a range of bars and restaurants offering different tastes. Saturdays also come with a bit more excitement when the Soho comedy club goes live at the Shadow Bar.

Regarded as one of the most active casinos in London, the casino stays open 24/7. Visitors can enjoy card games at one of the 50 tables or slots at the 127 machines at the casino. 28 of these machines offer progressive jackpot.

These and more attractions make the Casino at the Empire a venue for the quintessential night in London. Gambling lovers from all across the country and the rest of the world like to visit the casino whenever they are in London.

Casino Games - Scratch Cards Scratch cards are arguably one of the oldest form of lottery style gambling there is. Scratch cards differ by company or casino and are sometimes directly tied to a lottery. Other scratch cards are self contained games with a set number of prizes on offer. These tickets have a waterproof coating that players scratch to reveal whether they have won a prize. The scratch cards are bought from authorized vendors which may range from supermarkets to lottery stands, newspaper stands and casinos.

Tickets can win players an assortment of prizes, including small prizes or large sums of money into the millions. Sometimes, the instant win ticket may reveal your win or loss immediately after scratching and sometimes there might be a game to play, like matching symbols or using a lucky number to combine with a set of other numbers.

Scratch games are purely based on chance rather than any aspects of strategy. The likelihood that you may win the smallest prizes is of course more likely than one of the major prizes (of which there are typically far fewer on offer). Winning the actual jackpot is a very rare event, just as it is with any large scale game of chance.