Casino Games - Scratch Cards  Scratch cards are arguably the oldest form of lottery gambling there is. Scratch cards are tied to a lottery. These tickets have a
waterproof coating that players scratch to reveal whether they have won prizes. The tickets are bought from authorized vendors which may range from supermarkets to lottery stands, newspaper stands and casinos.


Tickets can win players and assortment of prizes, including small prizes or large sums of money in the millions. Sometimes, the instant win
ticket may reveal your win or loss immediately after scratching and sometimes there might be a game to play, like matching symbols or using a lucky number to combine with a set of other numbers.

The game is purely based on chance. The likelihood that you may win the smallest prizes has odds of 1:5. Winning the jackpot is much harder
with odds so low that players are more likely to lose even after myriads of trials.


Casino Games - Caribbean Stud Poker  Caribbean stud poker is played in a similar manner to 5-card poker though in this case the players play against the house as most poker games have players betting against each other. The game is relatively new to the gambling world even though it is not clearly defined who
came up with it. The main aim for developing the game is, however, known to be so that casinos could encourage players to play more card games.

Players place the ante wager before any cards are dealt and no more bets can be placed once the dealer says “no more bets.” Each player is dealt five cards facing down and players are not allowed to discuss their hands. The dealer is also dealt their card, in this case four cards which he/she completes by adding one more card for themselves. Players can fold if they have a low chance of winning in which case, the ante wager is lost. Those who continue with game then place a second wager called the raise, which is twice the ante wager. The dealer then compares cards and the players with a card combination that beats the dealer’s cards win.

Players are always encouraged to play on if they have a pair in their first set of cards or a hand higher than this. Players are not allowed to announce their hand since this would decrease the house edge.