Casino Games - Big Six Wheel  Big Six Wheel goes by a many other names such as the Big Six, Wheel of Fortune, Lucky Wheel, Dice Wheel or Money Wheel. The game has
been around for ages and in this time, various forms have developed.

The game is played by spinning a big wheel with different values which the player lands on when the wheel stops spinning. The odds are
pretty bad and winning big is not much of a possibility here. The house edge is big s there is very little chance that you will beat the casino and make any sizeable winnings. The values on the wheel represent your winnings so if you land on the number one ,then you win one dollar. The topmost segment where the pointer lies when the wheel stops is the winning segment.


Big Six is basically a game designed for the casual wager which does not cost much. This is the game for new gamblers who are just
finding their way around the casino floor. It will not cost you a lot of money and the fact that your luck totally depends on what segment you land on when you spin the wheel adds to the fun.

Casino Games - Sic Bo  Sic Bo is also referred to tai sai, hi-lo, big and small or dai sai. The game originates from China and is played with three dice. It also has variants like chuck-a-luck and grand hazard English origins. Sic Bo literally translates to precious dice.

Gameplay involves the three dice which players bet on. The bet is placed against a certain event taking place such as all dice showing the same number. Players place bets on different areas of a board with various betting options. The dealer shakes a box containing the 3 dice and opens it to reveal what combination he has.


Players can place bets on doubles appearing (two similar numbers on the three dice) while any triple loses (the same value on all three
dice). Big and small bets involve the number totals on the dice. Betting on the dice to bring up 4 to 10 count as a small bet, a big bet is one where the dice make up a total of 11 to 17.


The game is quite exciting because players have a lot of fun if the dice favor them and a lot of heartache if they don’t. Even more
interestingly, nothing the player does can affect the out come on the dice shake.