Casino Games - Backgammon Backgammon is a board game with a long history that can be traced some 5,000 years back. The game is played by two players who use 15 checkers which move through 24 points or triangles. 2 dice are used to determine how the checkers move. The game is won by the player who is able to move all their 15 checkers off the table.

The game starts with the players each rolling a die and the one with the highest value moving their checkers according to the two dice. Movement of checkers requires the players to move two checkers according to the numbers on the die such as 6-3 to move two checkers six steps and 3 steps. Checkers should land on empty triangles or one with a similar color of checkers as the player whose turn it is. Checkers cannot be placed on a triangle with two or more of the opposing player’s checkers.

The board is divided into four, with two home boards and two outer boards. The player whose checkers are on the home board may start removing them according to the roll of the dice. If the number is of lower value, then they can remove one checker from the triangle with the most checkers.

The game depends on a little bit of luck as well as strategy. Good players may have a bad game but will keep racking up wins as the game goes on.


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