The Hippodrome Casino, London  The Hippodrome is one of the premier entertainment spots in all of London. The main attraction here is the casino which every player visits
in a bid to get a feel of the ultimate UK casino experience. Situated on the corner of Cranbourn Street and Charing Cross Road, the Hippodrome is one of the last buildings with the renowned name still standing.


The Hippodrome Casino is arguably the most visited Casino in London with table games and slots sprawled over 3 floors. The casino, coupled with the live events always hosted at the Hippodrome , make it one of the best places to enjoy a night out in London.


Food and dining options are always aplenty and the Heliot Stake House comes highly recommended. With a friendly and quick staff, you will
always enjoy your time at the Hippodrome.


Having been opened in 1900, the Hippodrome has been renovated more than a few times. For one of the oldest entertainment venues in
West London, the Hippodrome has kept its class and penchant for elegance.

$3 million win on Wheel of Fortune  On June 9th one lucky individual pocketed a staggering $3.2 million playing on Wheel of Fortune at the Silverton hotel-casino. The jackpot dwarfs previous records at the casino and came about courtesy of a tiny $5 bet. The money was won on the Wheel of Fortune Winning Wedges Video Slots.

This marks the biggest Wheel of Fortune win this year, though it’s worth pointing out that there have been several other million dollar plus winners this year alone on the Wheel of Fortune game. You can almost set your watch by it! In January one lucky person won $1.5 million at Palace Station, the following month saw a $1.2 million win at the Fremont, in March a $1.6 million win was bagged at the Exacibur. After a gap of no million + wins in April, May saw a Canadian tourist at the Cospolititan walk away with an impressive $1.6 million, and in June at the Venetian there was another $1 million plus win.

The Silverton winner, and several of the others elected to stay anonymous. I can’t say that I blame them either. If I suddenly had an extra $3.2 million in my bank account I’d probably not be ringing the neighbours doorbells to inform them of it either!

Casino Games - Wheel of Fortune  Think about a game show where no skill is needed and contestants have the chance to win big prizes; that is exactly what wheel of
fortune is all about. The show was designed to be a gripping one that will keep you excited all through episodes just for the vicarious thrills of watching contestants make choices that define who their game goes.


The game is simple enough. Contestants unravel a mystery phrase or name of a place thing or person by picking consonants and buying
vowels. Each vowel goes for 250$. Contestants get to spin the ?heel of fortune’ with a range of dollar values ($250-$10,000). If the consonant you picked is in the mystery name or phrase then you get your dollar amount multiplied by the number of times your consonant appears in the phrase. If for instance you spun the wheel and landed on $250 then picked the letter G and it appears three times in the phrase, your money gets multiplied by three so that you have $1500.


Winning seems easy enough because all you have to do is outsmart the other contestants in a game that doesn’t require much thinking.
However, it is always not as easy since a little bad luck on the wheel could cost you all the money you won or a sizeable chunk of it.