Top Gambling Movies to Watch Right Now So if you are tired of winning real money by playing online casino games, we recommend that you take a break to sit back and watch one of the top gambling movies today. Just like a plethora of online casino games available at most online casinos such as The same applies to gambling movies available on DVDs and in cinemas. And in this new age of technology you can watch some of the top gambling movies at the comfort of your own home via live streaming or through download on the internet.

We are thrilled with gambling and that makes us love to play for real money and win. But you can learn more about gambling by watching some of the movies we are going to highlight.

The Cincinnati Kid

A movie directed by Norman Jewson portrays a poker you have never seen before. Starring Ann Margret, Edward G, Robison and Steve McQueen this amazing movie hit $7 million at box offices during the time of release.

This classic movie tells a story of Eric Stoner AKA the Cincinnati Kid who lives in 1930 New Orleans. This kid loves all forms of gambling but very fond of stud poker. To get more of the movie you can just pause your game and take a moment to watch this classic movie.


Clive Owen portrays Jack Manfred in this marvellous movie. Jack Manfred in this movie is struggling to make a career as a writer and he is now being forced to take a job as a croupier. However, according to some of the best sports betting sites reports, they claim that he then found himself deep in the casino world and the job he didn’t want later consume his life and his relationship was in shambles and he was later dumped by his girlfriend.

He later got involved with Jani who was also a gambler but she had bad luck and she was always pressured from her creditors on a regular basis.

We have said enough all you need to do now is to grab a copy and enjoy this marvellous movie of the croupier.

Funny Gambling-Related Female Dog Names Well, it is not a secret that our little pooches capture our hearts almost every moment. Therefore, choosing a name for them is also a big thing for us and for them to have a marvelous identity. Some dog lover just loves funny dog names and these people share the same sentiment with gambling lover as well.

On that note, there are some nice poker names one could choose from. A lot of gambling nicknames are available and you mustn’t face any tussle to choose a name for your pet. Let’s roll the dice and see if we can get a good name for your pet.


This name must have just rung a bell we reckon. It’s a name that is very popular at most gambling and sports betting platforms. In gambling if you want to place a bet on a horse or maybe its football then surely the only place you can go to make a bet is a bookie then you can hand someone who will be there your bet. And if your bet wins then you will get your payouts from the bookie as well.

Big Bertha

This is aa pretty nice and funny gambling dog name and it is very common than you think. In most cases big bertha is linked with a slot machine that encompasses multiple reels. And if you are fortunate every time you play multiple reels then there is no other place to look for the name of your pet. Big Bertha is actually available for you to pick.

There are quite a lot of gambling nicknames that you can also give to your pet. What you can only do is to choose the one will amuse you and create a good relationship with your amazing pet. If you want you can play usa online casino games and it will be sitting right next to you and share the fun moment together as you win real money.

Online Slots Bonuses: Claim or Skip? Choosing an online casino can be hard work. There are so many out there so which one should you go with? Reviews websites like certainly help players decide, and there are plenty here at the site that will narrow down your search.
Along with reviews, bonuses for online slots are one of the most persuasive reasons for choosing a casino. But how good are they, and should you even claim them? In this article, we look at this pressing question and help you separate the great offers from the rest of the bunch.

What is an online slots bonus?

The most common slots bonus is the Welcome Bonus. Virtually every online casino will offer something for new customers to sign up.
The industry is highly competitive, and they know how tempting a great offer can be at enticing gamblers to try them out. As such, players are bombarded with amazing bonuses, some offering thousands of pounds in Bonus Cash. Here are several examples of the kind of offers you can find:

  • Deposit €100 and Play with €200 + 50 Free Spins
  • €1,000 Welcome Bonus
  • £100 + 120 Free Spins
  • 100% up to £100
  • Deposit £20 – Claim 50 Free Spins

As you can see, there is a lot of variety out there! Most slots bonuses come in the form of Bonus Cash and/or Free Spins so let’s take a look at these concepts separately.

Bonus Cash

There are casinos offering hundreds and even thousands of pounds for signing up. These are common offers, where a casino will literally top up an account to reward new players for making a deposit. If a casino says you will get £1,000 bonus, you do indeed receive an additional £1,000 in your account to gamble with.

So why would you not want to take the bonus money and run? The reason why is that money initially comes in the form of bonus funds which cannot be withdrawn straight away. To convert the bonus funds into cash (which can be withdrawn), you will need to complete wagering requirements first.
Once this has been done, then the bonus funds are transferred to the cash balance and can be withdrawn – result! Wagering requirements can be complicated, so we will dedicate some time to them shortly.

Free Spins

Bonus offers can often come with Free Spins attached. Sometimes, the bonus will only contain Free Spins. Many Free Spin bonuses come with wagering requirements as mentioned above, but many do not.

More and more often these days you can find Free Spins that do not come with any restrictions at all. These Free Spin bonuses are like gold dust, and it is hard to think of a reason why a player would turn them down.
Imagine this – Free Spins that have no wagering requirements, with no limit on how much money you can win from them. This is like gambling for free, and what could be better than that? Whatever the bonus is, make sure to read the terms of each offer carefully. You don’t want to void winnings on a missed technicality!

Wagering Requirements

It all sounds pretty good so far. Free cash, free spins, so what’s the catch? The vast majority of the time catches are not used to trick players. Most online casinos are serious companies that do not need to resort to such tactics. They are in business though and don’t want to hand away all of their money. To balance the offers, you can often find wagering requirements as one of the key terms.

Let’s look at an example. Say a casino gives a player £100 on top of their deposit. The player has deposited £100, the casino tops them up with another £100, and the result is £200 to gamble with.
Let’s say that the bonus comes with wagering requirements of 35x. This means that bonus cash and its winnings cannot be withdrawn until this condition has been met. £100 times 35 equals £3,500, so this is the amount that needs to be played through until the bonus cash can be withdrawn.

35x is a common figure in the industry, but it could be higher or lower depending on the specific offer. This is the kicker. Players need to figure out if the wagering requirements fit in with their bankroll and gambling style. If it does, great! Then it makes sense to take up the offer. If not, then it might not be worth their while.

Keep in mind as well, those slots bonuses do not need to be played through. Let’s say a player opts into a bonus but can’t complete its requirements. In this case, the bonus cash will vanish from the account with no other penalty. Since this is the case with the majority of offers, players will often accept the bonus and see how it goes – nothing to lose right?

Ongoing Promotions

The same principle can be applied to any promotion that a casino offers. The key is to understand what is required on the part of the individual gambler and see if it is worth playing for. There is even more variety in promotions for existing customers, and some of them require little input to redeem. Examples of these could be:

  • Stake £10 and get 10 Free Spins
  • Stake 25 for a ticket into a prize draw.

These offers generally have fewer conditions attached to them and are an attractive option for many players.

Conclusion – so should you claim or skip?

The key to answering that question will be found in the terms of the bonus. Players need to weigh up what they get versus what they need to do to redeem the offer. Bonuses without wagering requirements or win limits are easier to decide! Others may take time more time to digest.

The great thing is that there is no need to be confused. There are so many fantastic slots bonuses that players can always find something that suits them. Check the site for a huge list of brilliant bonuses to choose from.