Casino Characters I long for the day I can return to a bricks and mortar casino. They’re all shut here for now and so such an aspiration is currently a complete non starter, but hopefully a few months down the line that situation will change again.

So what it is about these venues that holds appeal, when online venues like cancasinos and the like offer such a wide range of games right from the comfort of your home? Well, don’t get my wrong, online casino sites are my ‘go to’ and often offer a great range of bonuses and games to play, but it’s good to mix things up too and bricks and mortar casinos offer such a variety of environments and characters that there is never a dull moment.

I often enjoy a bit of people watching at our local casino, and let me tell you, there’s is always something or someone that turns heads. My favourite type of player just has to be the ‘hoverer’ ; the patron who certainly doesn’t require a chair and instead endlessly flits between roulette tables ‘lumping on’ as the wheel is mid spin. Bizarrely they almost never seem to win, and so it’s like they possess the very opposite of a sixth sense. Other types of players of note are the stony faced individuals who have the exact same facial expression regardless of whether they’ve won or lost a fortune. Botox perhaps? Along the same lines the ‘It has to be red!’ crew who haunt the roulette wheel waiting for a run of blacks (or reds), convinced that the results somehow have a bearing on the next spin and their colour of choice will come rolling in. Come to think about it, the majority of a casinos characters are roulette players.

But all things considered the ‘real world’ and online experience also have a lot in common. They both offer a dizzying variety of slots, roulette, card and casino games in general (with online casinos having an especially broad range of frequently updated games). They both also require the right temperament, as well as the sensible setting of limits and having a fun approach to gambling. So whatever your casino game of choice, and wherever you intend to play, have fun!

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