Snowed In! We had some snow here today and the weather forecast seems to suggest we might have even more on the way. I had rather hoped that like some kind of Charles Dickens novel, I was going to open the door on Christmas Day to see a picture postcard view that puts my snow globe to shame. Sadly though that wasn’t to be and we are instead in danger of being snowed in, in mid January!

If that does happen one concern of mine is that it’ll be living my own ‘Dancing on Ice’ as I always seem to have far less balance than other people when I’m out and about and it’s snowy or icy. Another is that our locked down world will get even smaller. Still, there is a whole world online nowadays, and besides, in some countries they have this weather much more frequently than we do. I’m sure the average Canadian for instance, especially those into casino games, is making a beeline for jeux de casino en argent réel as soon as the weather takes a turn for the worse, rather than complaining.

Interestingly, a good friend of mine recently moved to Canada, and he really seems to have taken to the place, even suddenly becoming an ardent ice hockey fan. I’m half expecting to hear that he’s considering becoming a lumberjack! I’d love to visit but travel plans have currently been kicked down the road for a few months, so such bright ideas get ‘put on ice’. My pal is an ardent casino fan too, and like me he’s more likely to be found on or other casino sites than the bricks and mortar variety.

So whatever the weather come tomorrow, I’ll endevour to make myself useful. And it sounds like it’ll either by falling on my ass outside much to the amusement of others, or killing some time playing slots or poker on one of my favourite online casino sites!

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